23:42 Ticket #696 (zfec: faster initialization) created by zooko
Jack Lloyd contributed a patch to speed up zfec initialization a tad. …
23:34 Ticket #695 (error message could be more helpful re: CLI rm confused by URL:DIR in ...) closed by bhyde
invalid: Ok. This bug is in error. rm removes things (files, subdirectories) …
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libtahoeclient_webapi (diff)
18:09 Ticket #690 (raise size limit on furls) reopened by zooko
17:31 Ticket #545 (uploading too-large mutable file causes huge memory usage, 100% CPU) closed by zooko
fixed: Brian fixed #379, which might have fixed this issue. The newly opened …
17:15 Ticket #695 (error message could be more helpful re: CLI rm confused by URL:DIR in ...) created by bhyde
The assertion that fails …
16:27 Ticket #694 (remove hard limit on mutable file size) created by sigmonsays
13:09 Ticket #690 (raise size limit on furls) closed by adigeo
fixed: You are right, the machines have +4 interfaces (public/private …


23:05 Ticket #693 (CLI stats on empty directory chokes reporting the size histogram) created by bhyde
20:41 Ticket #692 ((patch) improve appearance of welcome and directory pages) created by kpreid
After installing Tahoe, I decided that the welcome and directory pages …
14:33 Ticket #691 (improve WUI directory page according to a new user's first impressions) created by kpreid
I set up a Tahoe client (so I could share files with him securely) for …
09:38 Ticket #690 (raise size limit on furls) created by adigeo
I installed tahoe on a grid of 13 computer running Debian unstable. On …


20:40 Ticket #689 (web documents should be constructed out of unicode strings) created by kpreid
The Tahoe WUI pages are generated out of Python 'str', rather than …
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change rubytahoe url (diff)


17:14 Ticket #688 (FTP frontend doesn't work when behind NAT (debian)) created by arthur
I followed the patches in twisted in the following document : …
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