19:24 CodingStandards edited by zooko
go back to instructing people use alllowercasenames for modules, even … (diff)
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03:37 WikiStart edited by secorp
formatting change, not quite happy with how the Buzz section came out … (diff)
02:30 Ticket #710 (exception from binascii.unhexlify when handling announcements on ...) created by exarkun
When I start up a node on Python 2.4, if I insert some additional …


23:46 Ticket #392 (pipeline upload segments to make upload faster) closed by warner
fixed: I pushed this patch anyways.. I think it'll help, just not as much as …
21:23 Ticket #709 (hard to run against alternate dependencies, e.g. trunk version of Foolscap) created by warner
For the #653 work I'm doing now (which requires a change to foolscap: …
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20:07 WikiStart edited by secorp
Moving Donate button to more prominent place (diff)
19:14 WikiStart edited by secorp
Adding the donation button (diff)


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(tuples), allow module_name_with_underscores (diff)
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edit (diff)
00:29 CodingStandards edited by zooko
edit it down, remove some bits that are not likely to come up for most … (diff)


19:04 DownloadDebianPackages edited by exarkun
This interaction is fixed in Twisted 8.2 (diff)


22:20 Ticket #418 (URI scheme) closed by zooko
duplicate: This is a subset of #432 (writing down filecaps: revise URI scheme); …
21:12 Ticket #708 (graceful handling of capabilities in a format from the future that you ...) created by zooko
In the future, we will rev the format of LAFS files and directories. …


23:20 Ticket #707 (use local storage server as encrypted cache) created by kpreid
Summary: * Local caching of arbitrary portions of a tahoe filesystem …
03:57 Ticket #706 (Make --basedir a global option.) created by nejucomo
Most commands operate on a specific node basedir, so making --basedir …
03:00 Ticket #705 ("tahoe mv" unlinks the target even when it is a directory) created by zooko
I just ran the following command: […] Since "Metallica-Master of …


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update links, edit (diff)
19:06 Ticket #704 (utf-8 decoding fails when certain pyOpenSSL library is used) created by bewst
Please see attached test log
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update klog url (diff)
02:17 Ticket #703 ("make install PREFIX=" fails (install outside of source in custom ...) created by nejucomo
According to InstallDetails: {{{The "make install" target is a …
01:56 Ticket #702 (Installation documentation incomplete for Ubuntu Jaunty 9.04 SE.) created by nejucomo
Initially running "python ./setup.py build" failed on this system …
01:01 Ticket #701 (The instructions in "Installing Tahoe" do not mention C compiler ...) created by nejucomo
On my recently created ubuntu server edition 9.04 install, I just …
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