19:51 Ticket #724 (helper: client should check up on the helper's work) created by warner
Really, a client which uploads a file through the Helper should turn …
19:46 Ticket #723 (helper: client should verify ciphertext hashes and UEB) created by warner
Prompted by a question from Daira, I spent some time today reviewing …
19:29 Ticket #722 (don't give Helper access to plaintext hashes) created by warner
While examining the helper protocol today, I realized that we're still …
17:17 Ticket #721 (Mac client fails to build) created by bewst
15:50 Ticket #720 (Changing web server address breaks CLI) created by bewst
I wanted to access the web UI of a node from other nodes on my local …
15:42 Ticket #719 (Making requests too soon after startup can fail) created by bewst


02:17 Ticket #718 (Odd warning when starting tahoe (nevow/twisted/setuptools noise)) created by bewst
This seems like it could be related to #704, but it's not obvious to …
01:15 Ticket #717 (unnecessary rebuild of dependencies when tahoe-deps/ is present) created by warner
Using a trunk 9a02f4a1043d6288 tree, on my debian/sid box, …
00:44 Ticket #704 (utf-8 decoding fails when certain pyOpenSSL library is used) closed by bewst


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17:54 Ticket #716 (buildbot dist tahoe windows access) created by FabFac
Could you make external access to the windows distribution of tahoe …
03:39 Ticket #715 (Missing options information) created by bewst
I think the --help and especially the online docs for the tahoe …


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02:12 Ticket #692 ((patch) improve appearance of welcome and directory pages) closed by zooko
fixed: Fixed by 2f3842954bebe4a3, 35d3671f4efe8f7b, …


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16:51 Ticket #714 (Not possible to renew leases from the WUI.) created by kpreid
There is no apparent option to renew leases from the WUI and Warner …
02:29 Ticket #713 (tahoe make-verify-cap) created by zooko
Make a tahoe cli command to compute an immutable verify cap for a …


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