20:22 Ticket #532 (occasional failure in iputil (timeout in test_runner): use 'netifaces' ...) closed by warner
worksforme: I ran this test in a loop on a loaded box for a while and it didn't …
20:18 Ticket #744 (leasecrawler test failure) created by warner
Zooko noticed an (intermittent?) failure on our cygwin buildslave in …
19:50 Ticket #743 (make fuse support writing) created by zooko
A lot of people want to be able to write to their Tahoe filesystem …
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.diff for real diffs looks good, aren't downloadable (diff)
18:44 Ticket #742 ("tahoe cp --help" doesn't explain tahoe cp clearly enough to a new user) created by zooko
From IRC: […]
05:28 Ticket #694 (remove hard limit on mutable file size) closed by zooko
fixed: Fixed by db939750a8831c1e and …


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.diff didn't work either (diff)


21:11 Ticket #741 (tahoe create-alias corrupts the aliases file if it does not have a ...) created by kpreid
tahoe create-alias apparently just appends "foo: bar\n" to the aliases …
20:53 Ticket #740 (tahoe deep-check should take multiple arguments) created by kpreid
What I did: tahoe deep-check --repair foo: bar: What I …


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19:53 Ticket #739 (To get tahoe 1.4.1 working on NetBSD, must use attached patch.) created by midnightmagic
The code doesn't currently recognise NetBSD as a "BSD" type, and thus …
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this is what I (non-developer) had to do to get a patch from darcs. (diff)
18:37 Ticket #738 (failure in block hash tree) created by midnightmagic
Running tahoe on the machine in which python2.5 setup.py test fails as …
18:20 Ticket #737 (python2.5 setup.py test runs CPU to 100% on 32-bit single-core NetBSD "4") created by midnightmagic
Running as in summary: python2.5 setup.py test ... inside …


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new and easier! (diff)


22:47 Ticket #736 (UnrecoverableFileError on directory which has 6 shares (3 needed)) created by zooko
When I view this private directory of mine, I get: […] But when I …
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