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19:31 Ticket #837 ('tahoe ls' on unknown objects: error message should be clearer) created by warner
If you list a directory with tahoe ls, and it happens to contain …
19:22 Ticket #457 (tahoe ls fails if you list a file) closed by warner
duplicate: #771 covers the same problem and has more information (and a patch!). …
04:10 Ticket #828 (use mkdir-immutable in "tahoe backup") closed by warner
fixed: Done, in 6e7fb1006db71efa
04:05 Ticket #836 (use mkdir-with-children or set-children in "tahoe cp [-r]") created by warner
The new APIs in #533 and #607 should be used by the "tahoe cp [-r]" …
04:02 Ticket #835 ("tahoe cp -r --mutable/--immutable": make mutable copy of immutable ...) created by warner
Now that we have immutable directories (#607), we could use some CLI …


04:31 Ticket #834 (clarify error message when upload fails due to insufficient servers of ...) created by zooko
allmydata.com user gar5 reported: […] Hopefully Kevan can think …


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07:38 Ticket #533 (wapi: add mkdir-with-children) closed by warner
fixed: I just updated t=mkdir-with-children to accept the JSON dictionary of …
07:35 Ticket #607 (DIR2:IMM) closed by warner
fixed: Done, in f85690697a21e669. Although I forgot to add the …
07:34 Ticket #833 (reject mutable children when *reading* an immutable dirnode) created by warner
In #607 (DIR2-CHK), Zooko suggested that in addition to refusing to …


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05:20 Ticket #832 (Incorporate fuse tests into buildbot flow.) created by nejucomo
The fuse interfaces have a history of bitrotting. This would be …
05:14 Ticket #831 (Employ filesystem correctness tests against fuse interfaces.) created by nejucomo
The existing fuse tests have only a few test cases which create …


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03:09 Ticket #830 (review Brian's patches for #607) created by zooko
per http://allmydata.org/pipermail/tahoe-dev/2009-October/003061.html
00:15 Ticket #829 (gcc failed) created by sucker4baseball
while attempting to install tahoe, I typed in python setup.py test and …
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