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2009-10-30 -- RSA Conference 2010

Tahoe-LAFS will be presented at the RSA Conference 2010 in San Francisco: Your cloud storage provider does not need access to your data.

2009-10-02 -- HadoopWorld? 2009

Tahoe-LAFS was presented at HadoopWorld in New York City

2009-10-01 -- included in Ubuntu

Tahoe-LAFS is [ included in Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala)!

2009-08-15 -- Windows client has open-sourced its Windows client. Thank you,!

2009-08-04 -- featured in Ars Technica

Tahoe-LAFS is reviewed by Ars Technica

2009-08-01 -- v1.5 released!

This is a major release adding UI, performance, portability and forward-compatibility improvements and fixing a couple of small bugs. Please see the Release Notes.

2009-05-27 -- Open Knowledge Foundation grid

The Open Knowledge Foundation is now running a Tahoe-LAFS grid!

2009-05-07 -- "Hack Tahoe!" Hall of Fame update

The "Hack Tahoe!" Contest Hall of Fame has been updated to show a picture of Christian Grothoff's smiling face as he receives his personalized "I Hacked Tahoe" t-shirt.

2009-04-18 -- LAPTOP VERSUS AXE

NEWSFLASH! Tahoe-LAFS Developer Goes Crazy -- Laptop Versus Axe! -- Chaos On Stage At CodeCon -- Film at 11

2009-14-13 -- v1.4 released!

This is a major release adding garbage collection, improved diagnostics, and fixing a major performance problem with downloading multi-GB files. Please see the Release Notes.

2009-02-13 -- v1.3 released!

This is a major release adding several new features. Please see the Release Notes.

2008-09-23 -- FAST'09 paper

A Performance Evaluation and Examination of Open-Source Erasure Coding Libraries For Storage will be presented at FAST-2009: 7th USENIX Conference on File and Storage Technologies

2008-08-24 -- interactive illustration

Here is an interactive illustration showing how Tahoe works, thanks to Drew Perttula.

2008-08-18 -- publication of a paper describing Tahoe

The paper describing Tahoe has been accepted into the ACM Storage, Security, and Survivability Workshop

2008-07-21 -- v1.2 released!

This release fixes a security flaw in Tahoe v1.1 and offers several other improvements. Please see the Release Notes

2008-07-18 -- The Hack Tahoe! contest is now in progress!

2008-07-10 -- Justin Boreta helped me make this web page look much better. Thanks, Justin! --Zooko

2008-06-11 -- Tahoe, the Least-Authority Filesystem v1.1 released!

This release fixes several serious issues in Tahoe v1.0, and improves the user interfaces. Please see the Release Notes.

2008-04-30 -- in the news

Tahoe is reviewed by the weekly programmer magazine

2008-03-14 -- Tahoe presented at PyCon

PyCon2008: paper and slides

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