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clean-up (diff)
23:26 Ticket #869 (Allow Tahoe filesystem to be run over a different key-value-store / ...) created by davidsarah
docs/architecture.rst describes Tahoe as comprising three …
23:11 Ticket #868 (use helper to bypass NAT/firewall) created by zooko
Discussion on the mailing list -- …
22:17 Ticket #867 (use ipv6) created by warner
Shawn Willden points out that IPv6 is a likely way to deal with the …
21:56 Ticket #866 (HTML-formatted exceptions shouldn't be output by CLI commands) created by davidsarah
Brian wrote in …
20:28 Ticket #865 (Document current crypto and encoding in detail) created by davidsarah
Other than the code, the most comprehensive description of Tahoe's …
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Add tahoe-lafs workshop at 26c3 (diff)
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add nodeids, add info about the two left-over servers seen in the … (diff)


22:41 Ticket #864 (Automated migration of shares between storage servers) created by kpreid
There should be a way to have a storage server automatedly move some …
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shrink introducer text so that it doesn't force the page table (sigh) … (diff)
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Document the conventional volunteergrid WUI port. (diff)
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move "easy" into the "process" section and add "firewall" (diff)
14:41 Ticket #673 (drop package with 2004 ISA FIREWALL) closed by zooko
invalid: We use normal TCP sockets of the operating system as managed by the …
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fix missing keyword ("reviewed") and set "process" keywords ("review" … (diff)
14:33 Ticket #863 (unlink file with empty name through the CLI) created by zooko
A user wants to unlink an empty name through the CLI: …
05:35 Ticket #862 (Could a gatewayless architecture improve performance or avoid some ...) created by davidsarah
If clients contacted storage servers directly rather than via the …


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trid1 decomission complete (diff)
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fix table headings, update kpreid@slimy status, change email (diff)
04:11 Ticket #861 (Any node interface available on a public exposes confidential grid info) closed by davidsarah
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Fix some links, reorganize node list (diff)


17:32 Ticket #861 (Any node interface available on a public exposes confidential grid info) created by imhavoc
Any node that is available on an exposed IP address publishes the …
05:27 Ticket #860 (Hiding introducer and helper furls and other private info reported by ...) created by davidsarah


20:24 Ticket #859 (Running unit tests throws DeprecationWarnings) created by imhavoc
[…] System is AMD64, dual-core. Tahoe-lafs runs fine. This …


13:13 Ticket #858 (extra deep-check stats: unhealthiness of each file) created by kpreid
It would be nice if for each 'repair successful' line, {{{tahoe …
08:05 Ticket #857 (Make operation-handle-querying use only a little memory) created by davidsarah
The documentation on operation handles starting at …
06:16 Ticket #123 ("text/plain" link uses double filename= query arg) closed by davidsarah
fixed: The current "Raw data as text/plain" link uses @@named=/raw.txt, …
05:56 Ticket #269 (client should handle migrated shares by updating the write-enabler) closed by zooko
wontfix: The new plan is to define a new mutable-file format …
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statistics keyword (diff)
05:33 Ticket #790 (setup.py thinks it is the previous version) closed by zooko
05:32 Ticket #856 (Mention 'tahoe run' in running.html, and improve tahoe --help text) created by davidsarah
From #355: > I guess you missed the existence of tahoe run
04:34 Ticket #855 (Make tahoe webopen without arguments show the tahoe: alias, if there is one) created by daira
This would avoid the ambient authority problem that led to the old …
04:26 Ticket #783 (does it sometimes use 750 MB) closed by zooko
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link to #317 (diff)
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update combined queries (diff)
04:12 Ticket #58 (logging: also available separately) closed by zooko
wontfix: The logging system we use now is deeply intertwined with foolscap, in …
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introducer (diff)
04:06 Ticket #56 (logging: lazy representation, interpolation, formatting, etc.) closed by zooko
fixed: This is super thoroughly fixed by foolscap logging, which not only …
03:59 Ticket #83 (Extend external interfaces for operation monitoring.) closed by zooko
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traffic-analysis -> privacy (diff)
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scalability and logging keywords; rename dataloss to preservation (diff)
02:33 Ticket #87 (store less validation information in each share, to lower overhead) closed by zooko
wontfix: Thanks, David-Sarah.
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