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Tickets by Component

See ComponentDefinitions for an explanation of what each component means.


(Each keyword links to all of the open tickets mentioning that keyword. Some of the keywords are new, and existing tickets may not have been changed to use them.)

  • integrity (32): could lead to the unintended alteration of data
  • confidentiality (28): could lead to the unintended disclosure of file contents
  • privacy (23): could lead to the unintended disclosure of information other than file contents (e.g. how many files of what size you access at what times, the shape of your directory graph, the fact that you run a Tahoe-LAFS client or storage server, etc.)
  • security (56): security issues not necessarily tagged with a more specific keyword (confidentiality, integrity, etc.)
  • preservation (44): could lead to unintended loss of (failure to preserve) data
  • availability (43): could lead to a temporary condition of being unable to read or write to the filesystem
  • reliability (38): could lead to unpredictable failure of functionality
  • scalability (16): scaling to large and/or geographically dispersed storage grids, or to high traffic volumes or numbers of clients
  • forward-compatibility (24): relevant to forward compatibility of stored data or caps with future Tahoe versions
  • unicode (9): related to Unicode
  • i18n (7): related to internationalization (usually also to Unicode)
  • usability (205): concerned with ease of use (concerning interface or mental models)
  • install (8): installation problems
  • docs (76): fixing this issue involves updating documentation
  • performance (119): an opportunity to improve some aspect of performance (speed, latency, bandwidth, space usage, etc.)
  • memory (22): an opportunity to improve memory usage (should usually also be tagged as 'performance')
  • newcaps (36): relevant to NewCapDesign
  • easy (49): this issue represents some low-hanging (coding) fruit
  • review or reviewed (1): tickets with a patch waiting for review, or reviewed and waiting to be committed

Combined queries:

Platform keywords

  • unix (9): all Unices
  • debian (1): Debian Linux
  • ubuntu (2): Ubuntu Linux
  • windows (14): Windows (native or not compiler-specific)
  • cygwin (1): Windows using cygwin
  • mac (5): Mac OS X
  • x86 (0): x86 processors
  • x86-64 (0): x86-64 processors
  • ppc (0): PowerPC processors
  • arm (1): ARM processors

Component keywords

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