Here's a current list of "component" names. Each ticket belongs to one of them. The definitions are somewhat arbitrary and non-orthogonal, but represent what I (warner) have been using to classify various issues.

First, the non-code things.

  • contrib: problems with non-core things that live in the source:contrib/ directory, like the various FUSE implementations.
  • dev-infrastructure: things that help us build Tahoe, like the buildbot, the automated speed/memory/code-coverage tests (and the web pages which display their results), the IRC channels and mailing lists, and this Trac bugtracker itself.
  • operational: things involved in running a Tahoe grid, external tools used to monitor or maintain a grid, tools used to launch a tahoe node, issues with te grid.
  • website: things about the website and its Trac instance
  • unknown: not yet categorized. All tickets default to this component until someone updates it.

Now, the tickets that can be resolved by changing something in the Tahoe source code tree:

  • code: catch-all for anything that isn't classified better. Having a lot of tickets here suggests that maybe we need to add a component or two.
    • code-dirnodes: anything involving tahoe directories
    • code-encoding: immutable-file encoding format/layout, cap format, encoding/decoding algorithms
    • frontend stuff
      • code-frontend: general frontend things: new user-facing interfaces, FTP/SFTP servers, FUSE-like interfaces
      • code-frontend-cli: CLI tools
      • code-frontend-w32: windows frontend stuff
      • code-frontend-web: webapi interfaces, user-facing "WUI" interfaces
    • code-mutable: anything involving mutable files: encoding/decoding, share format
    • code-network: introducer, locating storage servers, establishing/maintaining connections to them
    • code-nodeadmin: node startup/shutdown, tools to create nodes, logging tools, management/monitoring tools, manhole, disk-space-limiting tools
    • code-peerselection: server selection/sorting algorithm, rebalancing code, allocation policy, swarming-download
    • code-storage: storage server implementation, share-storage directory layout, client-to-server share transfer protocol
    • documentation: (deprecated, use docs keyword)
    • packaging: script, library dependencies, creation of binary packages (deb/rpm/exe), licensing, installation instructions
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