17:29 Ticket #921 (iTunes refuses to stream music from created by zooko
If I ask iTunes on Mac OS X to stream music from my local Tahoe-LAFS …
07:04 Ticket #920 (mkdir-immutable probably shouldn't implicitly create (mutable) ...) created by davidsarah
From #903: > ... I don't think that automatically creating the …
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regression query (diff)
04:34 Ticket #919 (hitting the "create directory" button in the WUI gives an error) created by secorp
Reported by Kai Noda (nodakai@…) and replicated by me, hitting …
00:00 Ticket #918 (Abstraction violations in web/info.py) created by davidsarah
At source:src/allmydata/web/info.py?rev=4164#L92 , we see […] (and …


23:50 Ticket #917 (Amazon S3 compatible frontend) created by francois
Allowing existing S3 clients to access files on a Tahoe grid sounds …


23:30 Ticket #916 ("tahoe cp": audit use of "mutable" flag) created by warner
David-Sarah pointed out a probable bug in …
19:23 VolunteerGrid edited by soult
Had to change Node ID of one of my nodes (diff)
03:54 Ticket #915 (the timers used by tahoe backup to trigger repair for unhealthy files ...) created by davidsarah
Reported by Kyle Markley: > I am nervous about synchronization between …
03:46 Ticket #914 (tahoe backup gives a fatal BackupProcessingError if it sees a file, ...) created by davidsarah
Reported by Kyle Markley: > tahoe backup gives a fatal …
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tahoe-check (diff)
03:08 Ticket #913 (Support running a storage node per drive easily) created by davidsarah
Suggested by badon on IRC: > Tahoe needs a slick method to aggregate …


17:04 Ticket #912 (Build In Fault-Monitoring and Reporting) created by bewst
When configuring a node there should be a place to enter an email …
05:20 Ticket #911 (Create a specification for the servers of happiness behavior) created by kevan
The discussion in #778 is a bit jumbled to be a canonical …


22:00 Ticket #910 ("tahoe mkdir" doesn't accept $CAP/path arguments?) created by zooko
I was trying to create a subdirectory of a directory using {{{tahoe …
20:42 Ticket #909 (Message saying that we couldn't find bin/tahoe in test_runner.py ...) created by davidsarah
Several of the tests in source:src/allmydata/test/test_runner.py can …
20:31 Ticket #908 (Make all test_runner tests work on cygwin) created by davidsarah
source:src/allmydata/test/test_runner.py skips some tests due to this …
17:47 Ticket #907 (Stop caps from leaking to phishing-filter servers) created by davidsarah
Some phishing filters send URLs to a filter on some other machine. …
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error query (diff)
01:00 Ticket #832 (Incorporate fuse tests into buildbot flow.) closed by davidsarah
duplicate: Duplicate of #621.
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add keywords column to 'most recent first' query (diff)
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most recent first (diff)
00:30 Ticket #906 (ETag support for mutable files and directories) created by davidsarah
There is support for HTTP ETags on immutable files in the current …


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extensibility, large (diff)
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06:09 Ticket #905 (gather information about historical server performance) created by warner
While patiently uploading some relatively small (3MB) files to the …
02:46 Ticket #904 (tahoe ls -l: show "i"/"m" instead of useless "x") created by warner
In our CLI directory listing, we make it vaguely look like regular …
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change url for review-needed query (diff)


22:34 Ticket #900 (Fix 'local variable is assigned to but not used' warnings from pyflakes) closed by warner
fixed: 731d15e56f509f9a, e9223fcd0efd5a5c, and …
22:31 Ticket #903 (webapi t=mkdir-with-children and mkdir-immutable: behavior when ...) created by warner
I'm not entirely clear on what the webapi {{{POST …
21:10 Ticket #741 (tahoe create-alias corrupts the aliases file if it does not have a ...) closed by warner
fixed: Apparently I'm procrastinating. Fixed in 874a979a8ec2b167.
21:02 Ticket #902 (network failure => internal TypeError) created by zooko
I was uploading a file when the local telco monopoly decided to turn …
20:50 Ticket #901 (deprecate and remove BASEDIR/private/root_dir.cap) created by warner
The default "tahoe:" alias is defined in BASEDIR/private/aliases, but …
20:19 Ticket #892 (Command synopses should refer to "grid" rather than "virtual drive") closed by warner
fixed: reviewed and committed, d3d1293d2fee8b62. My only changes …
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indentation in cap derivation table (diff)
04:29 Ticket #900 (Fix 'local variable is assigned to but not used' warnings from pyflakes) created by davidsarah
The latest version of pyflakes (0.4.0) gives a bunch of warnings about …
01:16 NewMutableEncodingDesign edited by davidsarah
Use lafs: as example prefix, because tahoe: collides with the default alias (diff)
00:13 Ticket #742 ("tahoe cp --help" doesn't explain tahoe cp clearly enough to a new user) closed by davidsarah
fixed: This …


18:44 Ticket #899 (UncoordinatedWriteError on prod grid) created by zooko
Kyle Markley reported this on the tahoe-dev list: …
17:21 Ticket #898 (add support for NixOS to iputil) created by zooko
Here is a test failure: …
01:10 NewMutableEncodingDesign edited by davidsarah
multi-target attacks also affect initial key generation for mutable files (diff)
00:47 NewMutableEncodingDesign edited by davidsarah
write caps need to be at least K + T bits (diff)
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