11:08 Ticket #1016 (Add dependency on a mocking library) created by francois
A mocking library comes handy for writing tests which exercise only a …


17:30 Ticket #40 (patchbot to automatically accept patches by e-mail) closed by zooko
wontfix: Nowadays we have a workflow that includes patches being attached to …
16:22 RelatedProjects edited by davidsarah
Tahoe Explorer integration is #1000, not #999 (diff)
16:21 RelatedProjects edited by davidsarah
16:21 RelatedProjects edited by davidsarah
add Tahoe Explorer (diff)
15:41 Extensions edited by davidsarah
URI formats for immutable dirs; recommended HTTP debugging tools; web … (diff)
15:05 GSoCIdeas2010 edited by zooko
remove link to blog :-( (diff)
15:04 GSoCIdeas2010 edited by zooko
add Kevin Reid as Mentor (diff)
05:45 RelatedProjects edited by zooko
name = Tahoe-LAFS (diff)
05:15 GSoCIdeas2010 edited by zooko
not a plugin (diff)
05:13 GSoCIdeas2010 edited by zooko
it's not a plugin, it's an extension (diff)
04:52 GSoCIdeas2010 edited by zooko
advertise Brian (diff)
04:43 GSoCIdeas2010 edited by zooko
add Firefox Plugin (diff)


22:59 Ticket #1012 (Downloading pysqlite takes quite a long time) closed by davidsarah
duplicate: Duplicate of #566.
19:48 DownloadDebianPackages edited by zooko
fix typo (diff)
19:47 DownloadDebianPackages edited by zooko
change name to "Tahoe-LAFS" and change "support" to "dependency" in … (diff)
19:37 Ticket #1015 (needs doc: attempts to build from source of dependencies such as ...) created by zooko
(originally #1013) Tahoe-LAFS depends on many libraries, including …
19:33 InstallDetails edited by zooko
renaming to "Tahoe-LAFS" plus a few corrections and few small edits (diff)
19:17 InstallDetails edited by zooko
markup fix (diff)
17:34 Ticket #1014 (provide binary .egg's for pyOpenSSL for all supported platforms and ...) created by nejucomo
When following the instructions …
16:59 Ticket #1013 (no binary package of pycryptopp for Debian lenny) created by nejucomo
Following the directions on the install page …


16:02 VolunteerGrid edited by soult
New volunteergrid.org location and secorp.net port fix (diff)


01:04 Ticket #983 (high CPU load on storage servers when uploading large mutable file) reopened by zooko
maco package foolscap 0.5.1 for Ubuntu Lucid and ChosenOne ran some …


15:32 Ticket #1012 (Downloading pysqlite takes quite a long time) created by zooko
NODA, Kai reported to the list: …
00:34 Ticket #1011 (secure decentralized blog) created by davidsarah
Zooko: I've been wishing for a secure decentralized blog. Well, I …
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