23:45 Ticket #1114 (upcase 'since' on welcome page) closed by zooko
fixed: applied in d0381e679ec4e477. Thanks!
19:55 Ticket #1114 (upcase 'since' on welcome page) created by terrell
The other table headings are capitalized - the 'since' column should …
18:05 Ticket #1067 (Storage Servers version is 0 on Welcome page) closed by zooko
fixed: fixed in 35ec8f6ac28a4b7b. thanks FreeStorm and terrell!
18:01 PatchReviewProcess edited by zooko
check whether every feature of bugfix in the patch has an accompanying … (diff)
17:10 Ticket #1097 (Directory.xhtml is not correctly displayed with Internet Explorer) closed by zooko
fixed: applied in 0304918a77763cc4, 97579af73cc952a3, …
05:23 Ticket #1113 (write the first edition of the Tahoe-LAFS Weekly News) created by zooko
05:20 Ticket #1099 (stdout might not have an 'encoding' attribute) closed by zooko


18:29 Ticket #1112 (error message for corrupted caps to {{{tahoe ls}}} is unclear) created by zooko
This is the write-cap and the read-cap respectively to the same dir: …
17:46 Ticket #1111 (PyFilesystem backend) created by zooko
PyFilesystem is a python library to abstract various sorts of …


21:28 Ticket #1110 (pipeline download blocks for better performance) created by zooko
As Brian and I have discussed in person, downloads would probably be a …
21:27 Ticket #1109 (let the get_buckets() response include the first block) created by zooko
We could optimize out a round trip in download if, when asking whether …
05:46 Ticket #1108 (os.path.abspath() sometimes returns str instead of unicode?) created by zooko
Python 2.7 just came out, and reading through the changes led me to: …


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18:28 AdvancedInstall edited by freestorm
Changes for WIndows Python2.6 (diff)


21:21 Ticket #1107 ("sneakernet" servers) created by warner
"Never underestimate the bandwidth of a station wagon filled with …


14:36 AdvancedInstall edited by freestorm
14:35 AdvancedInstall edited by freestorm
Change link for binutils-2.19.1-mingw32-bin.tar.gz (diff)


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LAFSify (diff)
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LAFSify (diff)
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fix borked link (diff)
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boldify the questions (diff)
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removed defunct link to allmydata.com (diff)
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filecaps/dircaps in table (diff)
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Tahoe->Tahoe-LAFS (diff)
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add lit caps to table (diff)
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order of headings in derivation table (diff)
02:34 Capabilities edited by davidsarah
derivation table format (diff)
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unknown caps (diff)
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literal caps and immutable directories (diff)
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