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added Atlas Networks collateral image plus small format changes (diff)
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added Atlas Networks to list of sponsors for their dedicated servers (diff)
01:34 Ticket #1198 (Bogus tub location causes introducer error) created by akp
I had a misconfiguration during my first attempt to connect to the …
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bump the news for 1.8.0c4 release (diff)


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07:25 Ticket #1197 (nondeterministic failure of ...) closed by zooko
fixed: reviewed. Thanks!! :-)


23:02 Ticket #188 (--basedir vs. --node-directory) closed by zooko
fixed: reviewed (not with 100% care, but...)
02:22 Ticket #1197 (nondeterministic failure of ...) created by davidsarah
00:18 Ticket #1196 (clean up and optimize spans) closed by davidsarah
duplicate: Duplicate of #1182.


20:54 Ticket #798 (improve random-access download to retrieve/decrypt less data) closed by zooko
20:14 Ticket #1192 (warn users not to rely on PyCrypto) closed by david-sarah@…
fixed: In 7d8e17c4434c5c86: […]
19:36 Ticket #1196 (clean up and optimize spans) created by zooko
Several improvements were noted by David-Sarah (and maybe a couple by …
19:28 Ticket #1108 (os.path.abspath() sometimes returns str instead of unicode?) closed by zooko
fixed: Okay I looked over these patches a bit and didn't see anything …
19:24 Ticket #1170 (new-downloader performs badly when downloading a lot of data from a file) closed by zooko
fixed: Recap of this ticket: there were two major performance regressions in …
18:54 Ticket #1195 (refactor get_disk_stats() and get_available_space()) created by zooko
Move get_disk_stats() and get_available() space into fileutil.
16:36 Changeset in trunk [123a1a3] by Zooko O'Whielacronx <zooko@…>
storage: use fileutil's version of get_disk_stats() and …
16:35 Changeset in trunk [d5e71c2] by Zooko O'Whielacronx <zooko@…>
fileutil: copy in the get_disk_stats() and get_available_space() …
05:00 Ticket #1191 (unit test failure: failed to download file with 2 shares on one server ...) closed by Brian Warner <warner@…>
fixed: In 0475bd8e27ae8307: […]


22:22 Ticket #1194 (Garbage Collector need to remove subdirs of storage/shares when ...) created by freestorm
As discussed with Warner on IRC, When GC deletes shares on the grid, …
19:26 Ticket #1175 (ftpd and sftpd documentation should advise to listen only on the ...) closed by warner
fixed: Landed, in 95c62dc238c9735a. Thanks!
05:57 Changeset in trunk [0c6bb01] by Zooko O'Whielacronx <zooko@…>
setup: use execfile to access _auto_deps.py in its proper location of …
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