18:20 Ticket #1217 (useless error message when I use wrong syntax for a path in CLI ...) created by zooko
I can never remember the syntax for putting caps directly on the …
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updated table for payments section -- Justin Stottlemyer (diff)
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bitcoin icon (diff)
04:20 Ticket #1212 (Repair used default shares.happy) reopened by zooko


23:52 Ticket #1216 (document our commitment never to add government backdoors) created by davidsarah
The New York Times has recently reported that the current U.S. …
14:19 Ticket #1202 (release 1.8.0) closed by zooko


18:33 Ticket #1215 (add CORS support) created by warner
If the webapi client emitted a header like this on every page: […] …
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question cleversafe's open sourciness (diff)
06:22 Ticket #1214 (test_argv_to_unicode is red on my Mac OS 10.4) created by zooko
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suggest thing.darcs.patch per david-sarah's observation that … (diff)
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edits (diff)
05:05 Ticket #1212 (Repair used default shares.happy) closed by zooko
fixed: Reviewed and applied in ec4f87a98c034dac, thanks! By the …
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undo formatting change that broke layout (diff)
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front page edits -- label the topo diagram, put it into "docs", make … (diff)
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update François's ARM box (diff)


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preferred nomenclature, dude (diff)
12:24 Ticket #1213 (Should support change of hash functions) created by ruudud
It should be relatively easy to change e.g. SHA-256d to other hash …


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try moving the (now much shorter) news to the top (diff)
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"Tahoe" => "Tahoe-LAFS" (diff)
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add 1.8.0 (diff)
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move some news over from New News (diff)
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edit (diff)
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formatting (diff)
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14:22 Ticket #1212 (Repair used default shares.happy) created by eurekafag
I've tried to repair a file and got: […] Everything worked fine …


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Adding 1.8.0 release to news feed (diff)
07:50 Milestone 1.8.0 completed
* Brian's New Downloader * win64 support * non-ASCII charsets on …
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