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06:44 Ticket #1249 (There may be a memory leak in the tahoe-lafs storage server, which may ...) created by stott
I recall having memory utilization greatly increase as the number of …
01:36 Ticket #1248 (move logic for build steps from buildmaster config to misc/build_helpers) created by davidsarah
There is some near-duplicated code in the buildmaster's …


20:33 Ticket #1247 (auto-generate the table of eggs and installers) created by davidsarah
See attached script.
14:52 Ticket #1246 (figure out why "FreeStorm Win7-amd64-mingw py2.6" is red on the ...) created by zooko
(Note that the two failures here have different causes. From comment:4
02:29 Ticket #1212 (Repair used default shares.happy) closed by davidsarah
02:24 Ticket #1241 ('tahoe backup' should do perform tilde expansion on its ...) closed by davidsarah
fixed: Fixed in 6eaa7f2356881f16. (There was apparently a problem …


19:08 Ticket #1245 (build binary eggs of zope.interface for all supported platforms) created by zooko
Since the most recent version of zope.interface is 3.6.1, we'll need …
18:52 Ticket #1244 (make sure we have binaries of zfec for all supported platforms and ...) created by zooko
zfec binaries are automatically built by …
18:39 Ticket #1243 (provide binary .egg's of Twisted for all supported platforms and ...) created by zooko
If we want people to be able to follow …
06:53 Ticket #1190 (we can end up importing the wrong version of a dependency even though ...) closed by davidsarah
06:51 Ticket #1094 (automatically generate binary .egg's of pycryptopp for all of our ...) closed by zooko
fixed: Okay we have automatic generation of pycryptopp bdist_eggs on our …
05:46 Ticket #1137 (test-from-egg and test-from-prefixdir are not testing the right code) closed by zooko
fixed: Okay I just changed the buildmaster so that failing …
05:38 Ticket #1242 (release 1.8.1) created by davidsarah
03:01 Ticket #1045 (Memory leak during massive file upload (or download) through SFTP frontend) closed by davidsarah
02:57 Ticket #1223 (got 'WrongSegmentError' during repair) closed by davidsarah
fixed: NEWS entry in 99a6e63814226fc2.
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19:24 Ticket #1241 ('tahoe backup' should do perform tilde expansion on its ...) created by francois
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11:38 Ticket #1223 (got 'WrongSegmentError' during repair) reopened by francois
Replying to zooko: > This needs a NEWS entry. …
05:09 Ticket #1240 (remove ResponseCache in favour of MDMFSlotReadProxy's cache) created by davidsarah
MDMFSlotReadProxy can already be initialised with share data …
00:29 Ticket #530 (use setuptools's --multi-version mode) reopened by davidsarah
Reopening until the warnings in comment:9 are fixed.


21:34 Ticket #1239 (document why package dependencies not auto-satisfied on ...) created by midnightmagic
See the error message: […] Here: …
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19:43 Ticket #1232 (Unicode stdout/stderr replacement on Windows fails to print large strings) closed by david-sarah@…
fixed: In 25d8103dde95d784: […]
18:39 Ticket #1237 (we need a python 2.7 buildslave) closed by zooko
fixed: Good enough! See also #1238 (investigate using tox to run tests).
18:38 Ticket #1238 (investigate using tox to run tests) created by zooko
tox http://codespeak.net/tox/ offers: * checking your package …
16:17 Ticket #1237 (we need a python 2.7 buildslave) created by zooko
12:39 Ticket #1236 (contribute spans.py to programmers outside of the Tahoe-LAFS project) created by zooko
Brian's new spans.py is used …
09:38 Ticket #1231 (stale comment in mutable/servermap.py) closed by Brian Warner <warner@…>
fixed: In d61d41147cf6a595: […]
09:09 Ticket #1224 (Unicode bug in grid to grid copies) closed by Brian Warner <warner@…>
fixed: In 14ee763c542b61c5: […]
09:00 Ticket #1223 (got 'WrongSegmentError' during repair) closed by Brian Warner <warner@…>
fixed: In c18953c169fe9e7c: […]
04:44 Ticket #1235 ('UserWarning: Unbuilt egg for setuptools' on Lucid) created by davidsarah


23:23 Ticket #1234 (UnrecoverableFileError message should say which file it refers to) created by davidsarah
zooko on irc: > sigh, I am experiencing failure using the pub test …
05:40 Ticket #1233 (prefer binary eggs which satisfy dependencies over source eggs which ...) created by zooko
Currently if the zetuptoolz-based build system finds both a binary egg …
05:26 Ticket #1214 (test_argv_to_unicode is red on my Mac OS 10.4) closed by zooko
fixed: Confirmed that this one patch fixed it on my Mac OS 10.4 system.
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