20:58 Ticket #1274 (eliminate pywin32 dependency) created by davidsarah
Anything that can be done using pywin32 can also be done, a little …
15:18 Ticket #1168 (make setup.py more easily patchable by OS packagers) closed by zooko
duplicate: I think this is a duplicate of #1220 (build/install should be able to …
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stop the intro paragraph from bumping into the right-hand column (diff)


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1.8.1 release notes (diff)
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released 1.8.1 (diff)


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v1.8.1 released (diff)
04:47 Ticket #1273 (nondeterministic failure of ...) created by davidsarah
This happened once with r4850 (from tarball) on Windows Vista 32-bit: …
00:00 Milestone 1.8.1 completed
* Fix any regressions or serious problems in 1.8.0. * Build binaries …


23:29 Ticket #1272 ('ImportError: No module named pkg_resources' errors from runner tests ...) created by pgrunwald
Windows 7 Ultimate 64-Bit {{{Python 2.6.6 (r266:84297, Aug 24 2010, …[…]
23:26 Changeset in trunk [9815852] by david-sarah <david-sarah@…>
bin/tahoe-script.template: On non-Windows, invoke support/bin/tahoe …
23:24 Ticket #1266 (Windows 7 Ultimate 64-Bit Build Error pyOpenSSL) closed by pgrunwald
23:12 BuildSystemTheory created by gdt
23:03 Packaging edited by gdt
21:39 Ticket #1262 ('tahoe start -m' no longer works) closed by Brian Warner <warner@…>
fixed: In 69b42c6cb7ec5d4a: […]
20:36 Ticket #1271 (trac: show tooltip of standard keywords on ticket-modify pages) created by warner
I'm constantly forgetting how to spell our "magic" keyword tags: the …
18:57 Ticket #1270 (have a separate build target to download any missing deps but not to ...) created by zooko
As mentioned by gdt in comment:9:ticket:1200, it would be useful for …
01:17 Ticket #1262 ('tahoe start -m' no longer works) reopened by warner
Drat, there was a problem with the windows buildslave …


23:17 Ticket #1262 ('tahoe start -m' no longer works) closed by warner
fixed: Cool, pushed in f3adb037ae0d22eb. One thing I caught at …


00:00 Ticket #1269 (add tcpdump data to viz tool) created by warner
as mentioned in comment:92:ticket:1170 in the context of the …


23:36 Ticket #1268 (downloader/share: coalesce mutiple Share.loop() calls) created by warner
As alluded to in comment:92:ticket:1170 , the behavior of …
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