18:48 Ticket #1210 (stray unrecoverable versions should be repaired by removal, not a new ...) closed by davidsarah
duplicate: Special case of #1209. I don't think it needs a separate ticket; we'll …
08:44 Ticket #1305 ('tahoe create-alias ALIAS:' and 'tahoe add-alias ALIAS: DIRCAP' (with ...) reopened by davidsarah
Not fixed because it hasn't been applied on trunk.
07:44 Ticket #1308 (don't upload debs built from a branch) created by davidsarah
06:41 Ticket #1305 ('tahoe create-alias ALIAS:' and 'tahoe add-alias ALIAS: DIRCAP' (with ...) closed by david-sarah@…
fixed: In [4929/ticket1306]: […]
05:53 Ticket #1307 (support HTTP OPTIONS requests) created by davidsarah
secorp was testing the JavaScript webdrive code, and found that it was …
04:56 Ticket #1306 (release 1.8.2) created by davidsarah
03:17 Ticket #1305 ('tahoe create-alias ALIAS:' and 'tahoe add-alias ALIAS: DIRCAP' (with ...) created by davidsarah
tahoe create-alias and tahoe add-alias should accept a …


08:25 Ticket #1304 ('tahoe cp' copying to a mutable file should replace the contents) created by davidsarah
When tahoe cp copies onto an existing mutable file (in a …
04:20 Ticket #1303 (allow running Tahoe correctly via other commands such as coverage) created by davidsarah
Normally, the command to use [http://nedbatchelder.com/code/coverage/


07:20 Ticket #1302 (installing Python 3 breaks bin\tahoe on Windows) created by davidsarah
Installing native-Windows Python 3 breaks bin\tahoe, because it …


19:40 Ticket #1301 (use a mock decorator for test methods that return Deferreds) created by davidsarah
Using the @mock.patch decorator for Trial test methods that return …
17:37 VolunteerGrid edited by freestorm
Added storage server FreeStorm?-Alix4 (diff)
10:42 Doc edited by duck
Fix urls: .txt -> .rst (diff)
06:26 Ticket #1300 (turn on garbage collection by default, offer obvious ...) created by zooko
From …
06:25 ViewTickets edited by zooko
add query for tag "defaults" (diff)
06:19 Doc edited by zooko
editing (diff)
06:18 Ticket #67 (Where to specify lease time) closed by zooko
fixed: Fixed! Thanks! :-) The most recent detail was fixing the docs as …
05:54 Ticket #1299 (make 'tahoe debug dump-cap' print attenuated versions of the cap, and ...) created by davidsarah


21:57 Ticket #1298 (WUI cannot handle non-ASCII node nicknames) created by zooko
I used a non-ascii character in the nickname of my node in tahoe.cfg: …
14:40 Doc edited by zooko
explain two reservoirs of user docs and give each one a top-level headline (diff)
14:19 Doc edited by zooko
add hyperlink to docs dir (diff)
07:42 TipsTricks edited by davidsarah
suggest using SFTP with bzr (diff)
07:35 RelatedProjects edited by davidsarah
allmydata.org -> tahoe-lafs.org (diff)
04:43 ViewTickets edited by davidsarah
add 1.8.2 milestone query (diff)
02:01 PatchReviewProcess edited by davidsarah
design reviews (diff)
01:54 ViewTickets edited by davidsarah
add design-review-needed query (diff)


21:36 Ticket #1251 (show-tool-versions always reports stdout and stderr encodings as None; ...) closed by davidsarah
14:24 ViewTickets edited by zooko
change formatting of the review-needed results by adding times (diff)
06:32 Ticket #1297 (sftp might hang or consume 100% CPU if the client tries to rekey) created by davidsarah
See Twisted ticket 4395. …
05:43 SftpFrontend edited by davidsarah
consistent advice for sshfs (diff)
05:41 SftpFrontend edited by davidsarah
openssh/sshfs options (diff)
05:34 SftpFrontend edited by davidsarah
more on disabling rekeying (diff)
05:19 SftpFrontend edited by davidsarah
twisted rekeying bug (diff)


09:33 Ticket #1296 ('tahoe debug trial' command) created by davidsarah
If there were a tahoe debug trial command, which runs Twisted …
05:02 Ticket #1295 (code cleanup: stop using IFinishableConsumer in sftpd.py) created by davidsarah
Twisted's IFinishableConsumer interface is …
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