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contact info for pre-summit dinner (diff)
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fix typo (diff)
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TWN4 (diff)
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s/Tahoe/Tahoe-LAFS/ (diff)
15:11 Ticket #1347 (bin/tahoe.pyscript doesn't need to be executable) closed by david-sarah@…
fixed: In 89581eb475ef98cb: […]
15:11 Ticket #1345 (remove Makefile targets relating to 'setup.py check_auto_deps' which ...) closed by david-sarah@…
fixed: In a8c5734e72237a8d: […]
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make the whole face bar be a hyperlink to AboutUs (diff)
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add marlowe (diff)
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add marlowe (diff)
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warn people about my KEYNOTE SPEECH (diff)


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update to show that tahoe-lafs is in sid! and who to thank/blame for it. (diff)
11:51 Ticket #1424 (remove misc/debian ? or sync it with the Debian project's version) created by zooko
Now that Tahoe-LAFS is packaged in Debian: …


22:02 Ticket #1423 (support multiple log gatherers using the new multi-gatherer feature of ...) created by zooko
Once Foolscap ticket #176
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update Summit plan again (diff)
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Fix formatting for TWN 3 link. (diff)
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Make the first mention of the Summit a link to the page. (diff)


21:16 Ticket #1344 ('make check' should run tests) closed by david-sarah@…
fixed: In 082731f45b5bda05: […]
20:53 Ticket #1320 (tiddly_on_tahoe compatible with Konqueror?) closed by zooko
wontfix: Forget it. Nobody cares about Konqueror anymore. Or at least, I don't.
13:23 Ticket #1422 (https node.url is not verified by httplib) created by ChosenOne
Tahoe currently uses httplib for CLI commands. If node.url points to a …


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move Summit announcement to News from Get Involved (hopefully more … (diff)


05:15 Ticket #1421 (increase_rlimits() tries to set RLIMIT_CORE high, which grsec disallows) closed by zooko
invalid: Brad Spengler …


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link to wiki instead of mailing list for TWN (diff)
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add links to mailing list posts (diff)
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add link to mailing list (diff)
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parade of TWNs
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