11:51 Ticket #1660 (Documentation on how to use the accounts.url option in the sftp and ...) closed by marlowe
fixed: Submitted pull request to github. Brian reviewed and further modified …
11:40 Ticket #1407 (add note in configuration about binding to all addresses.) closed by marlowe
fixed: Submitted a pull request to github. Changes reviewed by Brian. …
04:53 Ticket #1665 (Brainstorm webapi vulnerabilities between the operator and a user and ...) created by nejucomo
Problem: The webapi interface design seems to presume the node …


10:51 SftpFrontend edited by lebek
typo, used -> use (diff)
10:48 SftpFrontend edited by lebek
detail Fuse4X status, demote MacFUSE to "legacy support" option (diff)


17:02 WikiStart edited by zooko
make all links to self be server-relative (diff)
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really fix link to about.rst (diff)
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fix link to about.rst ; thanks ndurner (diff)
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link to wiki page about pyfilesystem (diff)
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link to wiki page about pyfilesystem (diff)
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Q: FUSE? A: YES! (diff)
03:48 SpamPolicy created by zooko
official policy about sending spam


00:08 Ticket #1664 (webapi fails to handle all TCP disconnects: "Request.finish called on ...) created by nejucomo
Symptoms: While running a gateway which has haproxy as a webapi …


23:52 Ticket #1663 (Add a concise table of the URL tree to webapi.rst.) created by nejucomo
I would like to see a section of webapi.rst with a concise table of …
23:38 Ticket #1662 (webapi.rst fails to document /file/ and /named/ handlers) created by nejucomo
[Note: This issue affects both the 1.9.0 and 1.9.1 source releases.] …
21:39 TahoeLAFSWeeklyNews edited by marlowe
21:36 WikiStart edited by marlowe


19:40 Ticket #1661 (Starting from init.d seems to ignore TAHOEHOME in /etc/default/tahoe-lafs) created by amontero
I have a node and an introducer running on my Ubuntu Lucid. I …


17:24 Ticket #1660 (Documentation on how to use the accounts.url option in the sftp and ...) created by marlowe
Hi All I was looking through the docs in relation to the sftp/ftp …


03:23 Ticket #1659 (setuptools/easy_install/pip-installed package lacks documentation) created by nejucomo
I am a happy user of the pip installability feature, whereby I run …
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