14:09 Ticket #1690 (fix up link to drop-upload) created by vince_II
13:47 Ticket #1689 (assertion failure) created by jg71
tahoe deep-check -v --repair --add-lease tahoe: […] when 9 out of 9 …
13:13 Ticket #1688 (ftpd returns 0 for all timestamps) created by zooko
It appears that the FTP server, unlike the SFTP server, always returns …
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update instructions a bit, give Brian's email address (diff)


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Added link to apparmor page (diff)
12:46 apparmor created by mk.fg


20:57 Ticket #1687 (store copy of block-hash-chain with each block) created by warner
One idea that Zooko and I came up with at pycon last week was to make …
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06:05 SftpFrontend edited by davidsarah
more precision in Emacs section (diff)
02:57 Ticket #1682 (various links in comments, docs, and tahoe.cfg should be https) closed by davidsarah
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