23:43 Ticket #1554 (sign release tarballs using gpg) closed by warner
fixed: 1.9.1 tarballs in the …
15:04 Ticket #1580 (A few tests fail on a fresh git working copy) closed by francois
fixed: Yes, tested with latest trunk and no more test failures. Great!
02:34 Ticket #1483 (str(NoSuchChildError(nonascii)) raises an exception, causing the ...) closed by david-sarah@…
fixed: In 93e50f5e1616004a: […]
02:29 Ticket #1488 (CLI: 'bin/tahoe @foo ...' gives misleading error message if trying to ...) closed by david-sarah@…
fixed: In 07369205e1fe5a28: […]
02:10 Tickets #1701,​1702,​1703,​1704 batch updated by zooko@…
fixed: In 638dcf867aaf1eb2: […]
01:11 Ticket #1470 (tahoe.cfg with UTF-8 BOM should be accepted) closed by david-sarah@…
fixed: In ba0df239273f3b52: […]
01:11 Ticket #1534 (Some docs in mutable/layout.py are slightly confusing.) closed by david-sarah@…
fixed: In 87ca4fc7055faaea: […]


22:46 ViewTickets edited by davidsarah
add milestone queries for 1.11 (diff)
17:22 News edited by lebek
fix dead links (diff)
16:22 Ticket #1704 (quickstart.rst: use out-of-line links) created by zooko
When I run rst2html --verbose quickstart.rst > quickstart.html, …
05:42 Ticket #1703 (quickstart.rst: reflow to fill-column 77 and prepend utf-8 BOM) created by zooko
This patch applies on top of the patches from #1701 and #1702.
05:35 Ticket #1702 (quickstart.rst: recommend Python 2.7) created by zooko
I think it is time to recommend Python 2.7 to users who don't have …
04:34 Ticket #1701 (remove link to wiki:AdvancedInstall from quickstart.rst) created by zooko
John Dougherty was just trying to install tahoe-lafs. He asked me for …
03:36 AdvancedInstall edited by zooko
P.S. (diff)
03:34 AdvancedInstall edited by zooko
disclaimer: Zooko doesn't recommend reading this page (diff)
02:51 PatchReviewProcess edited by zooko
more suggestions in "Advanced" patch review (diff)
02:33 Ticket #1487 (remove the notion of "rootcap" from FTP-and-SFTP.rst) closed by david-sarah@…
fixed: In 1562e2a3021344ab: […]
02:10 Ticket #1688 (ftpd returns 0 for all timestamps) closed by davidsarah
01:14 WikiStart edited by davidsarah
00:59 Ticket #1700 (nondeterminstic failure of test_filesystem_with_cli_in_subprocess due ...) closed by davidsarah
fixed: Fixed in 24812905a1da3ada.
00:55 Ticket #1700 (nondeterminstic failure of test_filesystem_with_cli_in_subprocess due ...) created by davidsarah
[…] warner wrote: > there's a function-scoped variable in the test …
00:16 Ticket #1699 (make '--rterrors' the default for 'python setup.py test' and 'python ...) created by davidsarah
See #1667 for a case where this would have helped.
00:13 Ticket #1667 (Another nondeterministic failure in ...) closed by davidsarah
cannot reproduce: tahoe-nondeterministic-failure seems to be truncated; did …


23:43 Ticket #1698 (the preferred cmdline to run tests under coverage is pretty huge, and ...) created by davidsarah
The preferred command line to run tests recording coverage information …
23:06 HowToWriteTests edited by zooko
instructions on the Why of code coverage (diff)
22:42 HowToWriteTests edited by zooko
more about setting up your first test file (diff)
21:04 Dev edited by lebek
remove dead links to code coverage statistics (diff)
20:50 Manual edited by lebek
add HowToWriteTests to Developers' Manual (diff)
20:42 HowToWriteTests created by zooko
beginnings of How To Write Tests
20:14 Dev edited by zooko
add link to wiki:HowToWriteTests (diff)
16:34 Ticket #938 (there are insufficient docs for using FUSE) closed by marlowe
fixed: Reviewed the documentation and closing the ticket.
16:15 Ticket #1416 (suggestion box for the Tahoe-LAFS Weekly News) closed by marlowe
fixed: Good to close now.
04:12 WikiStart edited by davidsarah
Hack Fest (diff)
04:10 WikiStart edited by davidsarah
Hack Fest (diff)


23:22 ViewTickets edited by davidsarah
update milestone tickets (diff)
23:07 Ticket #998 (Adding Win32 registry key with basedir) closed by davidsarah
wontfix: Since #890 (fixed in v1.8.0), Tahoe-LAFS on Windows has been …
20:07 Ticket #1399 (StorageServer.get_stats() calls fileutil.get_disk_stats().) closed by davidsarah
invalid: This behaviour was changed in the pluggable backends …
19:43 Ticket #1473 (zope.interface and pyasn1 dependencies have version 'unknown') closed by davidsarah
invalid: Not our bug to fix.
18:37 Ticket #1697 (there is no test covering password-checking for SFTP or FTP) created by davidsarah
15:59 RelatedProjects edited by zooko
add link to webdrive (diff)
15:55 Ticket #586 (save our old performance data) closed by zooko
wontfix: Forget it! The old data has been lost or has lost its relevance. See …
15:54 Performance edited by zooko
add links to tickets. (diff)
04:49 Ticket #1696 (attempting more than four simultaneous put uploads seems to break client) created by mirimir
Our test client behaves oddly when doing more than four simultaneous …


21:46 Ticket #1695 (#tahoe-lafs IRC logs are not searchable) created by davidsarah
21:25 Ticket #1686 (update copyright notices) closed by davidsarah
fixed: Replying to zooko: > Replying to davidsarah: > …
05:02 Packaging edited by zooko
see also wiki:OSPackages, wiki:Manual, and wiki:NewbieDeveloperSetup (diff)


23:50 NewbieDeveloperSetup edited by zooko
add links to wiki:Dev, wiki:Doc. and wiki:Manual (diff)
23:48 Dev edited by zooko
add links to wiki:NewbieDeveloperSetup, wiki:Manual, and wiki:Doc (diff)
21:33 BuildSystemTheory edited by zooko
move content to wiki:Packaging (diff)
13:11 Ticket #1694 (package client and server separately) created by zooko
04:27 Packaging edited by zooko
fix link to Debian/Ubuntu? by generalizing it to wiki:OSPackages (diff)
04:23 Packaging edited by zooko
tweak link to quickstart.rst (diff)
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