16:02 Ticket #2064 (The build instructions do not specify the list of dependencies) created by sel
08:24 Ticket #2063 (users expect 'python setup.py install' to install dependencies) created by sel
Problem after installation in Fedora 19: […]
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15:34 Ticket #1301 (use a mock decorator for test methods that return Deferreds) closed by zooko
somebody else's problem: Everyone who finds this ticket, please use the Twisted "patch" …
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fixed! other URL broke. (diff)
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03:08 Ticket #2059 (Increase file reliability against group failure) closed by zooko
duplicate: I agree that this is a dup of #1838. As often happens, the text in …
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14:25 Ticket #2062 (what happens if a "tahoe backup" process is in progress when another ...) created by zooko
How does the "tahoe backup" process handle the situation that another …
00:00 Ticket #2061 (cloud backend: configuration.rst has a redundant section for backend = ...) created by daira
See …


13:36 Ticket #2060 (Alter mutable uploads to use upload strategy of happiness) created by markberger
Replace the current upload algorithm with the new upload algorithm …
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