22:05 Ticket #1847 (Ugly shadowing of Client.DEFAULT_ENCODING_PARAMETERS) closed by daira
fixed: Fixed by [77767e9e12cbd3e03f8ad917f6d3e8c1e4918c43/trunk]. (See #2231
22:03 Ticket #2231 (when multiple commits are pushed, only the last one can trigger a trac ...) created by daira
For example: [77767e9e12cbd3e03f8ad917f6d3e8c1e4918c43/trunk] and …
21:41 Changeset in trunk [4889129] by Daira Hopwood <daira@…>
Minor comment fix. refs #1847 Signed-off-by: Daira Hopwood …
21:41 Changeset in trunk [77767e9] by Daira Hopwood <daira@…>
Remove ugly shadowing of Client.DEFAULT_ENCODING_PARAMETERS. fixes …
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update for today (diff)
16:55 Ticket #2230 ('tahoe --version[and-path]' should print versions even if a ...) created by daira
If the checks on dependencies done by check_all_requirements in …
07:07 Ticket #2229 (document "LAFS as a key-value store") created by zooko
Maybe make this letter
06:24 Ticket #2228 (add directory operations to performance.rst) created by zooko
docs/performance.rst lacks an explanation of the performance …
06:08 Ticket #2227 ("format=mutable" in the web API) created by zooko
According to …


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01:43 Ticket #2226 (add doc about literal caps in performance.rst) created by zooko
The description of the performance costs of immutables in …
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01:29 Ticket #1789 (update performance.rst to describe MDMF performance) closed by zooko
duplicate: This is a dup of #1497.


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URL (diff)
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tomorrow's Science Fiction Ideas (diff)


15:55 Ticket #2225 (allow themeing of WUI) created by daira
Nothing fancy, just a config entry to specify the name of the .css


17:37 Ticket #2217 (SandboxViolation: ...) closed by zooko
somebody else's problem: https://bitbucket.org/cffi/cffi/issue/149/sandboxviolation-mkdir-usr-li
16:24 Changeset in trunk [17736575] by Zooko Wilcox-O'Hearn <zooko@…>
remove lzip, add cffi, cryptography.io
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remove rentanode announce from front page -- they closed up shop (diff)
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fix formatting (diff)
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01:50 Ticket #2222 (make a FAQ describing the impact of heartbleed on Tahoe-LAFS) created by daira
Split from #2215.
00:49 Ticket #2116 (xml parse error from S4 service) closed by daira
fixed: Fixed in …


23:02 Ticket #2221 (allow automatic use of pyOpenSSL 0.14) created by daira
For Tahoe-LAFS 1.11 we decided to fix the pyOpenSSL version …
22:51 Ticket #1759 (cloud backend: debug command to dump a listing of objects in a cloud ...) closed by daira
fixed: This is fixed on the …
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URL and agenda (diff)
15:34 Ticket #2220 (drop-upload on Windows: multiple change events should be collapsed together) created by daira
The Windows …
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