18:43 Ticket #2366 (set up buildslave to find deprecation warnings) created by warner
#2312 was a DeprecationWarning that resulted from Tahoe code …
18:31 Changeset in trunk [38a4acd] by Brian Warner <warner@…>
Appease req.setHeader by passing bytes, not ints. …
01:36 Ticket #1961 (WUI: accessibility problem with node status in new Welcome page) closed by warner
fixed: Done, in cfec3ef.
01:25 Changeset in trunk [cfec3ef] by Brian Warner <warner@…>
Merge branch 'pr136' (WUI accessibility fix #1961) This closes …
01:24 Changeset in trunk [3ad1864] by Brian Warner <warner@…>
welcome.xhtml: improve layout by floating the icons to the left. This …
00:41 Changeset in trunk [e499d84] by Nathan Wilcox <nejucomo@…>
Introduce icons with distinct shape for connection status display on …


22:41 Ticket #2365 (cloud backend: download from S4 hangs on a particular file) created by daira
Rafal Jedruszek reported this problem with S4. I cannot download one …
19:15 Ticket #2354 (new version of setuptools changes semantics of version alternatives) closed by warner
fixed: Fixed in ef455df and e73d76eb.
18:52 Changeset in trunk [e73d76e] by Brian Warner <warner@…>
Latest cryptography depends on enum34. Signed-off-by: Daira Hopwood …
18:52 Changeset in trunk [ef455df] by Brian Warner <warner@…>
dependecy specs: tolerate new PEP440 semantics too The latest …
17:05 ViewTickets edited by daira
add 1.10.1 milestone (diff)


20:39 Ticket #479 (wouldn't it be nice if we could run from source without running 'make' ...) closed by daira
19:57 Ticket #2364 (Clients in onion grid busy-wait if a storage node is unreachable) created by mhazinsk
When running "torify tahoe start", the process uses 100% CPU while …


02:45 Ticket #1147 (trigger buildbot on push to non-trunk) closed by daira
was already fixed: I believe this has worked correctly for some time.


16:25 Ticket #2363 (Create a Windows automated packaging test which exercises building, ...) created by daira
This is similar to #2304 but for the Windows package.
16:10 Ticket #2304 (Create an OSX automated packaging test which exercises building, ...) closed by daira
fixed: See misc/build_helpers/test-osx-pkg.py. There is no facility …


02:44 Changeset in trunk [f77f358] by Daira Hopwood <daira@…>
Merge pull request #135 from vu3rdd/182-osx-packaging-7 Makefile: …


00:31 Ticket #2104 (pip install . confused by _trial_temp) closed by daira
duplicate: Duplicate of #2210.
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