17:13 Ticket #2469 (Magic Folder: better error reporting if metadata in client DMD entries ...) closed by dawuud
17:13 Ticket #2505 (Magic Folder: consider types of (size, ctime, mtime) more carefully) closed by dawuud


16:12 Ticket #1973 (wui: "since" and "announced" columns are confusing) closed by leif
fixed: merged in …


20:02 Changeset in trunk [a2d724a] by Daira Hopwood <daira@…>
wui: improved columns in welcome page server list As discussed at …
19:46 Changeset in trunk [6226f6b] by Daira Hopwood <daira@…>
wui: use standard time format (#1077)
19:18 Ticket #2669 (refactoring before landing Magic Folder) closed by daira
fixed: Merged in 6d4a8bcd7f4af289e95195a2090c95b79a43ef59.
19:15 Changeset in trunk [6d4a8bc] by Daira Hopwood <daira@…>
Merge pull request #220 from …
18:43 Ticket #2640 (Magic Folder: upload/download loop) closed by daira
18:06 Ticket #1371 (Windows registry keys for Python file associations may have broken ...) closed by daira
wontfix: When we remove zetuptoolz and switch to newer setuptools, this will be …
18:05 Ticket #1302 (installing Python 3 breaks bin\tahoe on Windows) closed by daira
18:00 Ticket #1235 ('UserWarning: Unbuilt egg for setuptools' on Lucid) closed by daira
fixed: I think this was actually fixed in 2010.
17:54 Ticket #212 (easy_install of a fat binary .egg which was built on Mac OS 10.4 fails ...) closed by daira
somebody else's problem: This will be somebody else's problem when we switch to a newer …


18:17 Ticket #2709 (Magic Folder: update Operational Statistics page to take account of renames) created by daira
[…] Besides the name of the section being wrong, the counts are …
17:55 Ticket #1924 (NetBSD < 6.0 /dev/random appears to break RSA keygen in test suites) closed by daira
cannot reproduce
17:54 Ticket #1924 (NetBSD < 6.0 /dev/random appears to break RSA keygen in test suites) reopened by daira
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