20:41 Changeset in trunk [428ca04] by Brian Warner <warner@…>
show-tool-versions: add 'virtualenv'


15:44 Ticket #2709 (Magic Folder: update Operational Statistics page to take account of renames) closed by daira
fixed: Fixed on 2438.magic-folder-stable.12.


17:24 Ticket #2732 (upcoming nevow breakage) closed by warner
fixed: I just ran tests with the latest version. Works great. And the only …
17:14 Ticket #2071 (DeprecationWarning: Passing non-bytes header values is deprecated ...) closed by warner
fixed: This is no longer happening. I checked with [186f6d4], which is …
17:10 Ticket #2734 (manhole deprecation warning) created by warner
In current trunk [186f6d4] (actually in the …


17:57 Ticket #2733 (excessively verbose warning about IrrationalVersionError) created by daira
[…] This is after installing the 1582.setuptools-delenda-est.1 …
17:33 Ticket #2732 (upcoming nevow breakage) created by warner
The current version of Nevow (0.12.0) uses a feature of Twisted …
15:21 Ticket #2535 (Magic Folder: permissions of downloaded files should be set in a more ...) closed by daira


15:59 Ticket #2731 (Magic Folder: miscounting in magic_folder.uploader.objects_queued) created by daira
(follow-on from #2709) […] …
15:56 Ticket #1430 (Magic Folder on Linux: handle inotify queue overflow correctly) closed by daira
wontfix: I'm wontfixing this because we now have the periodic uploader (#2420), …
15:55 Ticket #2420 (Magic Folder: uploader must periodically scan for changes) closed by daira
fixed: We now have a working periodic uploader.
15:54 Ticket #2420 (Magic Folder: uploader must periodically scan for changes) reopened by daira
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