20:27 Ticket #2738 (stats gatherer should dump something more portable than pickle) created by Corbin
Currently, the gathered stats are dumped to stats.pickle. Something …


18:52 Ticket #2736 (test_numdict fails: repr is not sorted) closed by Brian Warner <warner@…>
fixed: In [changeset:"28f2a0f12dfa59deb403609dcb5fc6eef58e8e7b/trunk"
18:51 Changeset in trunk [28f2a0f1] by Brian Warner <warner@…>
test_util: tolerate unordered repr of NumDict? NumDict? does not make …
16:19 Ticket #2737 (Magic Folder on Windows: test_alice_bob fails because the uploader is ...) created by daira
When the downloader writes a file using _write_downloaded_file, the …
06:24 Ticket #2736 (test_numdict fails: repr is not sorted) created by warner
While setting up a windows unit test machine on Appveyor (#2344), I …
05:45 Ticket #2735 (remove "bin/tahoe" and fancy "@" runner support) created by warner
== There And Back Again: Climbing The Complexity Mountain (and Coming …
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