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30 2013-08-08T21:08:04Z zooko I'm one of Mark's mentors!
29 2013-07-16T16:32:27Z daira adjust formatting of GSoC tables
28 2013-07-16T16:27:00Z daira add Mark Berger as GSoC 2013 student
27 2013-05-23T16:00:28Z daira my name
26 2013-05-23T15:58:29Z luckyredhot Updated Daira's name.
25 2012-10-01T18:42:32Z zooko fix typo in link to kevan's photo
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23 2012-04-08T03:06:29Z davidsarah update David-Sarah's photo and link
22 2011-10-01T05:49:31Z zooko remove mention of allmydata
21 2011-10-01T05:37:10Z zooko move soultcer to Emeritus status, fix link to from pubgrid zlog
20 2011-06-26T03:56:14Z zooko add marlowe
19 2010-09-23T05:16:30Z secorp adding Kevan to the rogues gallery
18 2010-08-29T22:37:31Z zooko kevan
17 2010-08-18T01:02:44Z secorp Added Marc Tooley
16 2010-08-16T11:41:02Z francois
15 2010-08-16T11:39:48Z francois
14 2010-08-15T23:05:53Z freestorm Add Fred's picture
13 2010-08-12T23:03:59Z secorp changed david-sarah's image to greyscale
12 2010-08-12T22:45:36Z secorp updated warner's link to point to the canonical name
11 2010-08-12T16:44:00Z zooko FreeStorm?'s True Name revealed!
10 2010-08-12T16:42:23Z zooko links to CREDITS, edit
9 2010-08-12T16:39:05Z zooko first name for Fred
8 2010-08-12T16:34:48Z zooko fix link to HTLHoF
7 2010-08-12T16:33:52Z zooko heh heh I'm like Madonna
6 2010-08-12T16:33:28Z zooko formatting editing
5 2010-08-12T16:32:45Z zooko add Mentors, fix spelling of Faruq
4 2010-08-12T16:30:02Z zooko there's a ç in François
3 2010-08-12T16:29:27Z zooko link to zooko's klog
2 2010-08-12T06:47:27Z secorp fixing Zooko's link to work, is down?
1 2010-08-12T06:37:03Z secorp