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Views into the process of Tahoe-LAFS hackery.

  • The Roadmap page (linked at the top of each page) shows the next planned release and what improvements and bugfixes we are working on.
  • The User Doc page

Source Code (via revision control)



  • Tahoe-LAFS has a programmatic API which enables building custom applications on top of the storage infrastructure.
  • The docs/frontends/webapi.rst document shows how to control a Tahoe-LAFS node programmatically over HTTP.
  • The Extension Page has some additional tips on how to use the web-API.

Developer Docs


  • ViewTickets
  • Sources for Tahoe-LAFS and its side-projects are browsable via the "Browse Source" button at the top of each project site
  • To fetch the source code using darcs v2: darcs get --lazy tahoe-lafs
    • darcs v2 is highly recommended over darcs v1. If you really don't want to install darcs v2, then you can use darcs v1 instead, but you'll have to run a slightly different command-line and be prepared to wait for tens of minutes for the initial get to finish. The command-line for darcs v1 is: darcs get tahoe.
  • there is an experimental git mirror of the darcs repository (not necessarily up-to-date) on github.
  • contains snapshots of current source code.
  • The Buildbot page (linked at the top of each page) shows current build and test results. See the BuildbotPolicy page and HowtoContributeABuildbot page.
  • The Timeline (linked at the top of each page) shows changes to the source code, the issue tickets, and the wiki (i.e. this web site).
  • The code coverage statistics show which lines of code get exercised by the unit tests.


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