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114 2017-01-19T01:34:56Z warner release 1.12.1
113 2016-12-18T01:05:11Z warner release 1.12.0
112 2016-03-31T00:03:55Z warner announce 1.11.0 release
111 2016-03-28T08:35:59Z warner quickstart.rst -> INSTALL.rst
110 2015-10-13T20:29:25Z zooko add 1.10.2
109 2015-07-07T17:53:17Z daira correct release date for 1.10.1
108 2015-06-16T20:07:33Z warner replace manual HTML with trac table, point at NEWS instead of relnotes
107 2014-03-05T02:47:15Z daira source:git/ -> source:
106 2013-05-01T19:44:50Z warner add 1.10
105 2012-09-28T03:18:55Z zooko replace all source:trunk/foo and source:foo with source:git/foo
104 2012-09-04T19:18:55Z zooko formatting
103 2012-09-04T19:17:08Z zooko re-arrange
102 2012-09-04T19:15:25Z zooko rearrange docs
101 2012-07-13T11:56:41Z zooko fix typo
100 2012-07-13T11:47:37Z zooko add 1.9.2 to The Parade of Release Notes
99 2012-06-17T20:15:33Z zooko remove link to AdvancedInstall
98 2012-04-24T21:58:18Z zooko add 1.9.1
97 2011-12-13T16:32:21Z zooko link to source docs in trac so they'll get rendered
96 2011-11-28T21:54:49Z zooko add 1.9.0 to the Parade of Release Notes
95 2011-09-14T04:30:17Z zooko add link to v1.8.3 relnotes.txt
94 2011-09-09T19:15:05Z zooko moved presentations/papers to developer docs
93 2011-05-27T15:55:20Z secorp fixed links from .html to .rst
92 2011-02-28T19:15:47Z gdt link to pubgrid page, which is otherwise hard to find.
91 2011-02-28T19:15:07Z gdt
90 2011-02-03T07:24:51Z zooko link to trac versions of .rst's -- they get formatted by trac into …
89 2011-01-31T07:52:52Z warner announce v1.8.2
88 2011-01-10T10:42:15Z duck Fix urls: .txt -> .rst
87 2011-01-10T06:19:31Z zooko editing
86 2011-01-09T14:40:06Z zooko explain two reservoirs of user docs and give each one a top-level headline
85 2011-01-09T14:19:51Z zooko add hyperlink to docs dir
84 2010-11-29T02:13:29Z davidsarah 1.8.1 release notes
83 2010-10-23T00:08:51Z davidsarah fix configuration.rst and architecture.rst links
82 2010-10-21T15:54:34Z sickness fixed known_issues link filename, now .rst instead of .txt
81 2010-09-27T13:43:44Z zooko "Tahoe" => "Tahoe-LAFS"
80 2010-09-27T13:41:58Z zooko add 1.8.0
79 2010-09-12T23:42:33Z zooko add link to RSA slides
78 2010-07-26T19:42:48Z zooko link to caps
77 2010-07-19T16:23:10Z zooko update Parade
76 2010-06-28T17:10:26Z nejucomo Removed the "using.html" link because it is a 404.
75 2010-05-28T21:42:09Z davidsarah add SftpFrontend link
74 2010-04-21T17:12:50Z zooko s/
73 2010-04-21T17:11:04Z zooko quickstart quickstart quickstart whee
72 2010-03-08T07:35:43Z zooko add link to how to report a bug
71 2010-02-28T07:31:32Z davidsarah fix version number for 1.6.1
70 2010-02-28T07:30:48Z davidsarah announce 1.6.1
69 2010-02-02T06:40:46Z secorp adding entry for 1.6 release
68 2010-01-24T21:15:45Z ndurner tips & tricks
67 2009-12-04T05:27:36Z davidsarah note that links are to trunk
66 2009-11-18T18:41:48Z zooko link to FAQ
65 2009-10-04T22:22:52Z zooko describe the RelatedProjects page better
64 2009-09-18T19:43:16Z arch_o_median I wanted a One Stop Page where I could navigate to all the basic docs …
63 2009-09-18T19:35:42Z arch_o_median
62 2009-09-04T02:52:07Z zooko fix typo in hyperlink
61 2009-08-02T05:22:29Z zooko v1.5 release
60 2009-05-09T22:11:14Z zooko add 1.4.1 to parade of release notes
59 2009-04-14T23:32:26Z zooko add link to drewp's js illustration
58 2009-02-27T19:53:55Z zooko edits
57 2009-02-27T19:53:09Z zooko edits
56 2009-02-27T19:50:46Z zooko put some back
55 2009-02-27T19:49:16Z zooko move developer docs from Doc page to Dev page
54 2009-02-14T01:34:59Z zooko add 1.3 to parade of release notes
53 2009-02-05T21:55:28Z terrell link to new Capabilities page
52 2009-01-29T03:48:30Z zooko add zfec paper
51 2009-01-29T03:45:11Z zooko name papers
50 2008-12-14T14:37:15Z zooko fix typo
49 2008-09-17T21:08:37Z warner add InstallDetails wiki page, remove link to (now-deleted) …
48 2008-08-21T20:32:34Z zooko link to lafs.pdf from Doc page
47 2008-07-31T16:17:43Z zooko formatting
46 2008-07-31T16:16:22Z zooko formatting
45 2008-07-31T15:27:06Z zooko parade 1.1 and 1.2
44 2008-06-20T17:30:10Z zooko
43 2008-06-20T17:29:49Z zooko add link to known_issues.txt
42 2008-06-20T17:23:18Z zooko remove another obsolete doc
41 2008-06-20T17:20:36Z zooko remove some obsolete links
40 2008-06-20T17:19:22Z zooko move install-details.html to Obsolete Docs
39 2008-05-25T13:54:23Z zooko segregate the stale doc
38 2008-05-08T15:47:32Z zooko add link to Dev page from Doc page
37 2008-04-14T17:42:09Z zooko
36 2008-04-14T16:35:09Z zooko
35 2008-04-08T15:33:54Z zooko put See Also above The Parade of Release Notes
34 2008-04-08T15:27:57Z zooko
33 2008-04-08T15:21:23Z zooko reformat and add note about install-details.html
32 2008-04-08T15:20:10Z zooko reformat and point to all revision controlled developer docs by …
31 2008-03-26T03:31:03Z zooko add 1.0 to the Parade of Release Notes
30 2008-03-20T13:16:43Z zooko add 0.9 to the parade of release notes
29 2008-03-20T13:03:57Z zooko add links to News, Biblio, RelatedProjects
28 2008-03-15T14:20:52Z warner add pycon slides
27 2008-03-03T20:47:33Z warner add a linkt to the pycon paper
26 2008-02-19T23:04:37Z zooko add v0.8 to the Parade of Release Notes
25 2008-02-19T21:45:10Z zooko add link to security page
24 2008-01-23T14:01:28Z zooko edit
23 2008-01-21T21:42:45Z zooko link to HTML format
22 2008-01-21T21:41:07Z zooko add about.html and edit the links to docs
21 2008-01-21T21:17:28Z zooko add v0.7 release notes to the Parade of Release Notes and reverse the …
20 2007-12-17T16:44:43Z zooko add 0.6.1 to the Parade of Release Notes
19 2007-12-01T16:52:35Z zooko edit, and add link to configuration.txt
18 2007-11-30T03:20:04Z zooko add link to mutable.txt
17 2007-09-24T22:41:42Z zooko update pointer to relnotes.txt
16 2007-09-23T14:55:00Z zooko add v0.6 to the parade of release notes
15 2007-09-23T14:47:13Z zooko fix parade
14 2007-09-23T14:23:08Z zooko
13 2007-09-23T14:22:37Z zooko update the parade of release notes
12 2007-08-09T20:24:35Z warner rename old 'TahoeIssues/?*' pages to remove prefix
11 2007-07-22T01:32:44Z warner remove the 'usecases' image by following the link and then hitting the …
10 2007-07-18T20:51:09Z zooko add note about attachments being obsolete
9 2007-07-15T20:08:09Z zooko edit layout
8 2007-07-15T01:52:37Z zooko add webapi.txt to Docs
7 2007-07-12T01:16:39Z zooko edit
6 2007-07-12T01:16:21Z zooko remove obsolete doc
5 2007-07-11T23:00:35Z zooko fix link to PeerSelection
4 2007-07-11T21:37:11Z zooko add link to UseCases
3 2007-07-11T00:15:08Z zooko
2 2007-07-10T22:37:03Z zooko new improved Doc page!
1 2007-07-10T20:38:54Z zooko