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Documentation for Tahoe Users

Note: these links are to the 'trunk' (latest) versions of the documentation. See the 'docs' directory of a Tahoe release for docs relating to that version.

The Basics

  • about: the Tahoe filesystem and the unique properties that it offers
  • quickstart: how to get the software and set it up
  • running: how to run it once it is set up
  • Known Issues: things you need to be aware of if you want to rely on Tahoe to store your valuable data.
  • How To Report A Bug: We love bug reports! Here's how.

A Glance Under The Hood or "Gee What Does This Button Do?"

Presentations / Papers

See Also

  • The News page for sources of news and information.
  • The Bibliography page contains links to scientific papers of interest.
  • The RelatedProjects page extensions to Tahoe-LAFS, integrations of Tahoe-LAFS into your favorite other tools, and links to a few other decentralized storage projects that you might be interested in.
  • The Dev page for Tahoe hackers.

The Parade of Release Notes

release notesdatewhat's new
v1.7.1July 19, 2010upload bugfixes, Debian init scripts, etc.
v1.7.0June 18, 2010SFTP, unicode, servers-of-happiness
v1.6.1February 27, 2010fixes a few small regressions in v1.6.0
v1.6February 1, 2010performance improvements, usability improvements, deep-immutable directories
v1.5August 1, 2009WUI style, forward-compatibility, no size-limit on directories, more efficient directories, safer mv
v1.4.1April 13, 2009garbage collection, improved diagnostics, performance improvement when downloading many GB files
v1.3February 13, 2009repairer, backup command, large files, (S)FTP server, more
v1.2July 21, 2008fix a minor security flaw, add operational improvements
v1.1June 11, 2008fix rare but serious issues, improve UI
v1.0March 25, 2008It's version 1.0!
v0.9March 13, 2008Tahoe is now ready to be relied on for secure storage
v0.8February 15, 2008"visibility" into the system and more user interfaces
v0.7January 8, 2008decentralized directories and mutable files, a FUSE interface, and new open source licensing options
v0.6.1October 15, 2007packaging, usability, and performance improvements
v0.6September 24, 2007improved performance and packaging
v0.5.1August 23, 2007fix a security problem in the Web API
v0.5August 17, 2007the Web API and the command-line interface
v0.4June 29, 2007new mutable, shareable, private directories
v0.3June 6, 2007improved basic functionality
v0.2May 2, 2007the first public release, on May 2, 2007 and giving a general overview of why the Tahoe project exists