Tahoe-LAFS Tips & Tricks

using a set of consumer cloud storage services as the backends

There are two write-ups of how to do this:

git-annex can use Tahoe-LAFS as a backend

git-annex special remotes

Back caps/URIs up

Tahoe-LAFS users can encrypt their caps (new text file or ~/.tahoe/private/aliases) and upload it to Google Docs, which now accepts arbitrary file types.

Publish iCal calendars over Tahoe-LAFS


Automatic Tahoe-LAFS file repair


Host Bazaar repositories

Support for Tahoe-LAFS's FTP server has been merged into Bzr's mainline (#294709). It may be preferable to use SFTP, though.

Perforce backend storage


Running with supervisord

The only trick with supervisord is to make tahoe run as a single foreground process so it can be watched and killed correctly. Use a command like "bin/tahoe run -C /path/to/tahoe/home".

Using Pagekite to run storage nodes behind a NAT


Pagekite is an alternative to reverse-tunneling, especially if you don't have your own proxy and can't forward ports through your NAT. It's also a good way to set up multiple hostnames, any one of which can be used to access your node if the others go down.

Mount tahoe-lafs with pyfilesystem and Dokan on Windows XP


Run tahoe-lafs with AppArmor LSM on linux


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