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    2828A: Yes.  François Deppierraz contributes [ a buildbot] which shows that Tahoe-LAFS builds and all the unit tests pass on his Intel SS4000-E NAS box running under Debian Squeeze.  Zandr Milewski [ reported] that it took him only an hour to build, install, and test Tahoe-LAFS on a !PogoPlug.
    30 '''[=#Q6_windows Q6"] Does Tahoe-LAFS work on Windows?'''
     30'''[=#Q6_windows Q6:] Does Tahoe-LAFS work on Windows?'''
    3232A: Yes.  Follow [ the standard quickstart instructions] to get Tahoe-LAFS running on Windows. (There was also an "Allmydata Windows client", but that is not actively maintained at the moment, and relied on some components that are not open-source.)
    121121The two minor exceptions are that the server periodically inspects all of the ciphertext that it is storing on behalf of clients. It is configured to do this "in the background", by doing it only for a second at a time and waiting for a few seconds in between each step. The intent is that this will not noticably impact other users of the same server. For all the details about when these background processes run and what they do, read the documentation in [ storage/] and [ storage/].
    123 '''[=#Q19_revocation Q19:] What about revoking access to a file or directory?'''
     124'''[=#Q19_repair Q19:] If a storage server dies and new one is installed, will Tahoe-LAFS automatically generate a new share of each file to store on the new one?'''
     126A: Not automatically (see also [#Q18_unobtrusive_software Q18]). There is a repair operation, but it starts only when the use triggers it, by clicking on the "repair" button on the web user interface or running the "tahoe check" command. You can, of course, execute the "tahoe check" command from a script. Kevin Reid posted [ his cron script] with which he has configured his node to repair all files every night.
     128'''[=#Q20_revocation Q20:] What about revoking access to a file or directory?'''
    125130Please see these mailing list threads: