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24 2010-04-21T15:44:15Z zooko renamed to AdvancedInstall
23 2010-04-03T19:33:26Z zooko renaming to "Tahoe-LAFS" plus a few corrections and few small edits
22 2010-04-03T19:17:42Z zooko markup fix
21 2010-03-02T20:29:14Z freestorm CentOS packages selection
20 2009-12-22T07:06:42Z secorp adding a couple notes about Mac builds
19 2009-10-26T03:23:49Z davidsarah typo
18 2009-08-17T21:58:01Z davidsarah monospace all commands in Windows section
17 2009-08-17T21:54:01Z davidsarah say to ignore darcs warnings
16 2009-08-17T21:51:09Z davidsarah tweaks to instructions for Vista
15 2009-08-17T12:44:13Z swillden
14 2009-08-11T23:09:47Z swillden
13 2009-07-31T05:02:02Z swillden
12 2009-07-31T04:48:50Z swillden
11 2009-07-31T04:37:42Z swillden
10 2009-07-31T03:48:37Z swillden
9 2009-06-10T18:26:36Z zooko mention that make install PREFIX=/usr/local is broken
8 2009-04-13T19:10:26Z zooko add note about pywin32
7 2009-04-10T17:14:37Z zooko formatting
6 2009-04-10T17:12:22Z zooko add notes about dependencies
5 2009-02-18T03:10:10Z warner move debian details to DownloadDebianPackages
4 2008-10-08T19:55:53Z warner add a link to DownloadDebianPackages
3 2008-09-17T22:53:59Z warner explain the tahoe-debs bundle and the "desert island" build
2 2008-09-17T22:42:29Z warner update debian notes
1 2008-09-17T22:36:16Z warner add more build/install information