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News and Status

Latest News

2011-09-06 -- Tahoe-LAFS Weekly News #13 is released

2011-08-30 -- Tahoe-LAFS Weekly News #12 is released

2011-08-25 -- 1.9.0alpha1 available for testing

2011-08-14 -- Tahoe-LAFS Weekly News #11 is released

2011-07-24 -- The pubgrid is no longer available

2011-06-27 -- The Tahoe-LAFS Summit, June 27 - 30, San Francisco

Come socialize, share ideas, and hack on code! See the Summit Page.

2011-01-30 -- v1.8.2 Released!

Twisted-10.2 compatibility, small bugfixes.

2010-12-14 -- EFF post

Interesting mention in summary of useful tools when dealing with censorship.

2010-11-28 -- v1.8.1 Released!

Several bugfixes, including a security fix and a performance improvement.

2010-09-24 -- v1.8.0 Released!

This release offers greatly improved performance and fault-tolerance of downloads. It also improves consistency of command-line options, internationalization on Windows, code organization, tests, logging, and packaging.

2010-07-19 -- v1.7.1 Released!

This stable minor release adds several bugfixes and improvements in security, forward-compatibility, packaging, usability, and portability.

2010-06-18 -- v1.7.0 of Tahoe-LAFS is Released!

This release adds a fully functional SFTP interface, support for non-ASCII character encodings, and a new upload algorithm which guarantees that each file is spread over multiple servers for fault-tolerance.

2010-05-25 -- Zooko presented Tahoe-LAFS at CONfidence 2010 in Kraków, Poland

2010-04-26 -- Google Summer of Code chooses to sponsor Tahoe-LAFS!

2010-03-05 -- Brian and Zooko presented Tahoe-LAFS at RSA in San Francisco. Slides here.

Old News

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