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    118118 * In the Transfers section, you may want to increase the maximum number of simultaneous transfers.
    119119 * In the File Types subsection, you may want to set the Default transfer type to Binary, delete all of the filetypes in the list, and uncheck 'Treat files without extension as ASCII file' and 'Treat dotfiles as ASCII files'. (This isn't Tahoe-specific, but attempting to automatically detect and convert line endings of text files is usually the wrong thing.)
     121== !Emacs/Vim ==
     123Emacs can edit remote files using [ TRAMP], and likewise Vim using [ netrw.vim]. Emacs 23.4.1 was tested and does not work since TRAMP expects a "shell" rather than the "subsystem" (see [ RFC 4254 section 6.5]) interface Tahoe-LAFS supports.
     125Vim 7.3 with netrw.vim 142 was tested and works. I couldn't find out how to specify a port when opening a remote file (perhaps it's not possible), but you can setup a host with the correct port in your ssh config ({{{~/.ssh/config}}} for me):
     128Host tahoe
     130User peter
     131Port 8022
     134Now to open a file: {{{vim sftp://peter@tahoe/secrets.txt}}}, where {{{secrets.txt}}} is a file at the root of the dircap associated with the SFTP user {{{peter}}} in {{{accounts.file}}}. You'll get a password prompt whenever you open or save. Unfortunately netrw.vim stores the remote file in a temporary file on local non-volatile memory, which may defeat the purpose of remote editing.