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The second Tahoe-LAFS Summit

This is a loosely organized gathering of Tahoe-LAFS developers, enthusiasts, and perhaps some hecklers.

Attending or, at least, interested in attending:

  • David-Sarah, Kevan, Brian, Zancas, Peter, Zooko, Frederik

Dates / Location

2011-11-07 through 2011-11-14 in San Francisco

The summit will probably take place at Mozilla's new San Francisco office (2 Harrison St.).

What to do

  • Review: Tahoe-LAFS v1.9 release, LAE product launch
  • accounting (implementation and design)
  • Zooko suggested a Special Brian All Day Day on IRC :)

Tele Audio / Video

Last time Nathan Wilcox and Drew Perttula managed a live audio-video stream for participants over the Internet. We have a request for that sort of service so that some people from (I believe) Japan can participate, but we don't yet know if Nathan or Drew will be available and are willing to volunteer for that. So: volunteers needed!

Mailing List Discussion

Past Tahoe-LAFS Summits

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