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The Tahoe-LAFS Weekly News

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issue number 16October 25, 2011Tahoe-LAFS Summit, New, Mozilla, Logo Feedback and JonDonym Announces Tahoe-LAFS Grid
issue number 15October 16, 20111.9.0 beta 1 released, Foolscap 0.6.2 released, Least Authority Enterprises, Accounting 11.10, Tahoe-LAFS logo
issue number 14October 10, 20111.8.3 released, Second Tahoe Summit, 1.9.0a2 released, outage, HekaFS, Atlas Networks and more
issue number 13September 6, 20111.9 status, Noisebridge's grid, Tahoe with pyfilesystem and Dokan, adding new nodes to an existing grid, Live CD status, iPhone client.
issue number 12August 30, 2011Return of TWN, 1.9 status, the Crypto Project Tahoe-LAFS grid, live image, someone else's gateway vs. your own.
issue number 11August 14, 2011Progress towards 1.9, Nilestore, compilation issues with 1.8.2 and Windows XP
issue number 10August 7, 2011Progress towards 1.9, puppet-tahoe, protecting caps, restarting the public grid, compilation issues on OS X
issue number 9July 31, 2011Features going into v1.9, shutdown of the public demo grid, bup
issue number 8July 24, 20111.9 release plan, The Crypto Project, Tahoe and SSHFS, Tahoe introducers, hash based signatures and more
issue number 7July 16, 2011Pagekite, Freenet, Live CD, more
issue number 6July 9, 2011Tahoe-LAFS Summit, Tahoe on Plug Computers, Tahoe-LAFS Android client, Web API blacklist, more
issue number 5July 4, 2011Tahoe-LAFS Summit, Least Authority Enterprises, tiddly_on_tahoe, Nilestore, more
issue number 4June 26, 2011Tahoe-LAFS in Debian, Summit Imminent, interview with Patrick, pubgrid gets a DMCA takedown, more
issue number 3June 17, 2011Summit Schedule posted, interview with Peter, write-only backup cap
issue number 2June 9, 2011testgrid management, access control, Bitcoin bounty, interview with Kevan
issue number 1May 28, 20111.9.0 planning, reviewers-needed, summit planning, volunteergrid2, webdrive, iphone client, Tahoe-LAFS Weekly News, git-annex