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Update the "upcoming meetings" agenda section / add attendees lists to archives.

Weekly Meeting

There is a weekly conference call using Google Hangout. The agenda is set prior to each meeting and is focused on topics directly relevant to Tahoe-LAFS development. The connection URL is posted on this page and IRC a few minutes before the meeting.

Who Core developers or interested community members
What Dev Topics Meeting
When Each Tuesday, 17:30-18:30Z
Where Google Hangout, IRC fallback (see below)
Why Voice/video interaction complements IRC/mailing list
How See Agenda below


  • Strive to follow the established agenda.
  • Participants may have high latency; if you'd like to speak, say "turn" or raise your hand and wait for silence.
  • Be respectful.
  • Use IRC for textual chat *not* the hangout chat feature.



Note: We may change the meeting time/day to accommodate Warner, so dates are tentative.

  • 2012-10-30: Proof-of-Retrievability review of a paper draft Zooko will distribute.
  • 2012-11-06: Rainhill review of design which David-Sarah will distribute; call for outside crypto expert reviewers.

Notes / Archives


Topics: Ticket #1240, Tahoe-LAFS birthday party, future agendas.

Attendees: Zooko, David-Sarah, amiller, ambimorph, nejucomo.

Concise summary:

  • #1240 debug session - Incorrect caching logic suspected.
  • Tahoe-LAFS birthday party - Saturday, 2012-10-27 at 23:00z - Each locale connects with a projector + google hangout.
  • Future agendas - next week, Proof of Retrievability paper review; two weeks out, Rainhill review with outside crypto reviewers.

Finely detailed notes in MeetingNotes_2012_10_23


Topics: Proof-of-Retrievability

Attendees: Zooko, David-Sarah, nejucomo

From IRC, Zooko summarizes (edited for spelling):

  1. "The reason we can do better than the previous state of the art is that we've expanded the setting to multiple servers and multiple clients, which opens up new defenses for the good guys against Ponda Baba."
  2. "It is useful way to think, to start with the completely safe camouflaged download protocol: just run your normal verifier, but tell it to save what it gets, and then to talk about how to make it faster without breaking camouflage."
  3. "There are two dimensions of how you might be able to make it faster: the dimension of multiple downloader/verifiers and the dimension of multiple servers."