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#2871 test_create_long_path fails ... when ... the ... path ... is ... long ... new defect normal undecided
#2896 intermittent allmydata.test.test_introducer.NonV1Server.test_failure failure new defect normal undecided
#2917 `tahoe backup` could easily report size information about the backup performed new enhancement normal undecided
#2918 `tahoe backup` crashes when an upload operation fails new defect normal undecided
#2919 Encourage folks to use a third-party backup tool with Tahoe-LAFS integration instead of `tahoe backup` new enhancement normal undecided
#2927 nondeterministic failure of allmydata.test.test_introducer.SystemTest.test_system on Windows: Address already in use new defect normal undecided
#2928 Stop using allocate_tcp_port in src/allmydata/test/ assigned exarkun enhancement normal undecided
#2930 "AUTO" Tub location detection/assignment is silently broken when system tools are missing new defect normal undecided
#2978 Coverage reports from the test suite exclude coverage provided by child processes new defect normal undecided
#2993 Appveyor builds intermittently fail while uploading artifacts new defect normal undecided
#2994 Sometimes the test suite times out on CircleCI new defect normal undecided
#3022 Servers of happiness share placement distributes storage load unevenly in small grids new defect normal undecided
#3037 Great Black Swamp is missing lease add/renew new exarkun defect normal undecided
#3039 allmydata.test.test_magic_folder.RealTestAliceBob.test_alice_bob sometimes fails on macOS with `Pending: set([u'file3'])` new defect normal undecided
#3138 Run the test suite with some concurrency on CircleCI new exarkun defect normal undecided
#3230 Consider switching from AES CTR to AES XTS new defect normal undecided
#3258 The interface for the client-side storage plugin web resource has a one-to-many conflict assigned exarkun defect normal storage economics plugins
#3260 Deploy for Tahoe-LAFS and Foolscap new exarkun defect normal undecided
#3277 Move Windows CI to GitHub Actions assigned exarkun defect normal undecided
#3283 Update the backdoor statement to include current developers new defect normal undecided
#3284 Remove "magic folder" assigned exarkun task normal undecided
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