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the test_2_good_8_hung_then_1_recovers_* methods in test_hung_server are wrong

Reported by: davidsarah Owned by: somebody
Priority: normal Milestone: eventually
Component: code Version: 1.8β
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In changeset 3e4342ecb3625899 (6 months ago at time of writing, but I missed it at the time), a change was made to the test_2_good_8_hung_then_1_recovers_* methods in test_hung_server.py that defeated the intent of the tests. The intent was to have 8 servers that are initially hung (so that there are not the 3 required shares available), then have one of the servers recover after some period of time, and check that the download continues.

3e4342ecb3625899 made the recovery happen immediately, so that the tests are equivalent to the test_3_good_7_hung ones. I'm not sure how useful these tests ever were, but they are definitely not useful with this change. We should either fix or remove them.

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comment:1 Changed at 2012-04-01T05:17:14Z by davidsarah

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