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tiddly_on_tahoe Tahoe patches change tiddlywiki behavior in unexpected way

Reported by: arch_o_median Owned by: nobody
Priority: major Milestone: undecided
Component: unknown Version: 1.8.1
Keywords: tiddly Cc:
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Editing the "StyleSheet?" shadow tiddler should override CSS settings found in the "StyleSheetColors?", "StyleSheetLayout?", "StyleSheetLocale?", or "StyleSheetPrint?" shadow tiddlers.

I compared the fresh tiddlywiki to the patched one in the following way, in each I copied and pasted the mainMenu CSS rule from "StyleSheetLayout?" into "StyleSheet?" and changed "text-align:right" to "text-align:left" as shown here:

#mainMenu {position:absolute; left:0; width:10em; text-align:left; line-height:1.6em; padding:1.5em 0.5em 0.5em 0.5em; font-size:1.1em;}

In the unpatched tiddlywiki (empty.html) the text shifted as expected, in the patched tiddlywiki it did not.

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empty.html (283.8 KB) - added by arch_o_median at 2011-01-16T01:56:32Z.
native tiddlywiki
zookosmod.htm (304.5 KB) - added by arch_o_median at 2011-01-16T01:58:23Z.
tiddlywiki with tahoe specific patches
diff_of_native_vs_patched.txt (21.7 KB) - added by arch_o_median at 2011-01-16T01:59:01Z.
diff of the two tiddlywikis

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Changed at 2011-01-16T01:56:32Z by arch_o_median

native tiddlywiki

Changed at 2011-01-16T01:58:23Z by arch_o_median

tiddlywiki with tahoe specific patches

Changed at 2011-01-16T01:59:01Z by arch_o_median

diff of the two tiddlywikis

comment:1 Changed at 2011-01-31T22:27:31Z by arch_o_median

I've isolated the behavior modifying code to this chunk.

<div title="WritableTheme" modifier="Zooko" created="200812152209" modified="200812152255" tags="systemTheme" changecount="12">

body {
	background: #eee;

body {
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