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per-server timings of immutable uploads

Reported by: zooko Owned by: somebody
Priority: normal Milestone: soon
Component: code Version: 1.8.2
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If I understand correctly, the status page about a mutable upload currently includes per-server timings, e.g.:

    Started: 00:37:12 17-Mar-2011
    Storage Index: du7gyjrkpmprh2d5de7ap4xy74
    Helper?: No
    Current Size: 586
    Progress: 100.0%
    Status: Finished

Retrieve Results

    Encoding: 1 of 1
        0 -> Placed on [eotclzvh]
        Total: 131ms (4.5kBps)
            Setup: 208us
            Encrypting: 46us (12.74MBps)
            Encoding: 60us (9.75MBps)
            Packing Shares: 5.2ms (112.1kBps)
                RSA Signature: 5.0ms
            Pushing: 125ms (4.7kBps)
        Per-Server Response Times:
            [eotclzvh]: 125ms

But the status page for an immutable upload currently doesn't, e.g.:

    Started: 00:37:10 17-Mar-2011
    Storage Index: k45oewvt5z5zr5eru3b3btouxi
    Helper?: No
    Total Size: 12636
    Progress (Hash): 100.0%
    Progress (Ciphertext): 100.0%
    Progress (Encode+Push): 100.0%
    Status: Finished

Upload Results

    Shares Pushed: 1
    Shares Already Present: 0
        0 -> placed on [eotclzvh]
        [eotclzvh] got share: #0
        File Size: 12636 bytes
        Total: 427ms (29.6kBps)
            Storage Index: 605us (20.88MBps)
            [Contacting Helper]:
                [Helper Already-In-Grid Check]:
            [Upload Ciphertext To Helper]: ()
            Peer Selection: 99ms
            Encode And Push: 327ms (2.02MBps)
                Cumulative Encoding: 4.8ms (2.63MBps)
                Cumulative Pushing: 1.4ms (8.79MBps)
                Send Hashes And Close: 318ms
            [Helper Total]:

To close this ticket, add timings to the latter.

Change History (3)

comment:1 Changed at 2011-03-23T17:42:45Z by warner

incidentally, my "viz" branch (#1200, #1265, which adds a JS-based scrollable timeline to the immutable download status page) has an intermediate step with a non-interactive table of events with timings. It's probably a good idea to re-use some code from that for the upload event table.

comment:2 Changed at 2011-05-15T00:12:45Z by davidsarah

Related to #1393 (also about timings for immutable uploads).

comment:3 Changed at 2012-03-29T22:48:21Z by davidsarah

  • Milestone changed from undecided to soon
  • Priority changed from major to normal
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