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copy of introducer furl, aliases to new computer, error with alias but not alias's value

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on source computer, "tahoe ls tahoe:" works exactly as expected. on destination computer, "tahoe ls tahoe:" raises following error. replacing alias "tahoe:" with its value at command line works as "tahoe ls tahoe:" should be working.

Error during GET: 410 Gone
UnrecoverableFileError: the directory (or mutable file) could not be retrieved,
because there were insufficient good shares. This might indicate that no servers
 were connected, insufficient servers were connected, the URI was corrupt, or th
at shares have been lost due to server departure, hard drive failure, or disk co
rruption. You should perform a filecheck on this object to learn more.

encoding from "tahoe check tahoe:" different on both computers. source returned 1-of-1. destination returned 3-of-10.

running from non-standard location ("tahoe start --basedir=c:\asr\.tahoe"), ~\.tahoe contains different introducer-furl and different URI for alias "tahoe:" though unsure if this is the source of the issue.

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Aliases are read from the node directory in effect for the CLI command, which can be different from the base directory of the gateway. By default, this will be ~\.tahoe, which explains the behaviour you saw. Remember that the CLI command is not *in general* running with access to the same filesystem hierarchy as the gateway, so it wouldn't be correct for it to take the gateway's base directory as its default node directory.

To fix this, use tahoe --node-directory=c:\asr\.tahoe check tahoe: (this syntax assumes Tahoe-LAFS v1.10.0 or later). Alternatively you can make ~\.tahoe\private contain the intended default aliases file.

Is there any way we could have made this clearer in the docs?

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