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publish a new (redirecting) `allmydata-tahoe` to PyPI

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Now that tahoe-lafs-1.11.0 is on PyPI and is pip-installable, we should maybe do something about the old allmydata-tahoe-1.10.2 that's on PyPI (and not really pip-installable).

I was thinking we could publish a "1.10.2.post1" sort of thing, using pypi-alias, that would depend upon tahoe-lafs but is otherwise empty. Anyone who accidentally did pip install allmydata-tahoe, or who had it installed and did a pip install --upgrade allmydata-tahoe, would wind up with both, but only tahoe-lafs would provide the tahoe executable.

With or without this, there will be confusion when people search for "tahoe" on PyPI, since they'll see both packages (in fact there's a completely unrelated tahoe package up there, described as "A Flask-based framework that handles the tedious things", and at least one developer tried to install it by mistake).

But with this, installing tahoe-lafs or allmydata-tahoe will both get them a modern tahoe executable. Without it, picking the wrong one will get you weird zetuptoolz errors at best, and an older version of tahoe at worst.

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+1 for using pypi-alias. (We should review what it produces, though.)

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