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Directory name and file name should be available in json response data

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Component: unknown Version: 1.12.1
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Is it possible to provide the file name or directory name in the json response for info about a file/directory? I make a test directory named "test" and then get info about it

  "rw_uri": "URI:DIR2:3cvssdui3dy3ac5lejflgzgilu:bqxyyearxnlvpwkhkan7iyfk5qbnhhl265mmhzueyt7nafido4qa",
  "verify_uri": "URI:DIR2-Verifier:2tcfsvgapi4c3lontpsiddnob4:bqxyyearxnlvpwkhkan7iyfk5qbnhhl265mmhzueyt7nafido4qa",
  "ro_uri": "URI:DIR2-RO:kfduyj55e4x2xojrnrfbtaqqpa:bqxyyearxnlvpwkhkan7iyfk5qbnhhl265mmhzueyt7nafido4qa",
  "children": {},
  "mutable": true

I would expect to see the word "test" in there somewhere. Not knowing the current directory's name also makes writing a user friendly front-end much harder. This seems like such a basic thing that it makes me wonder if this was purposefully excluded for some reason unknown to me. If so, what is the correct way to get the directory name given that I know the dircap?

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