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pycryptopp appears to have problems with amd64 linux systems (or gcc 4.1.3).

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On my 64bit Ubuntu 7.10 box (gcc 4.1.3), I am able to build tahoe from trunk, but it fails some of the tests related to pycryptopp. The errors look like

aes.Error: Precondition violation: key size is expected to be the default for AES, which is 16, but a key of size 16 was provided.

The error is from aesmodule.cpp:AES_init().

I examined allmydata.org/source/pycryptopp, and found that its AES_init() is slightly different. It has an updated format string (uses %zu to print size_t variables, instead of %d), and stores the DEFAULT_KEYSIZE as a local variable, instead of casting it inside the if() statement. I plugged the changes into tahoe's copy, and got a different error:

aes.Error: Precondition violation: key size is expected to be the default for AES, which is 16, but a key of size 47897475285008 was provided.

The standalone pycryptopp passes all its tests. What's probably needed is a small test case to locate the problem (is it in pycryptopp or libcrypto++?).

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tm (19.9 KB) - added by faried at 2008-01-30T10:06:06Z.
make test TEST=allmydata.test.test_mutable
ts (3.3 KB) - added by faried at 2008-01-30T10:06:43Z.
make test TEST=allmydata.test.test_system
all (44.6 KB) - added by faried at 2008-01-30T15:02:23Z.
make test
vtm.bz2 (9.4 KB) - added by faried at 2008-01-30T15:03:04Z.
valgrind -v /usr/bin/python /usr/bin/trial --rterrors allmydata.test.test_mutable
pycryptopptests (12.9 KB) - added by faried at 2008-01-31T12:16:20Z.
builds/tests of pycryptopp
val-test-aes (70.2 KB) - added by faried at 2008-01-31T12:24:13Z.
python pycryptopp/test/test_aes.py, with and without valgrind
val-test-aes-debug (74.0 KB) - added by faried at 2008-01-31T12:24:59Z.
python pycryptopp/test/test_aes.py (pycryptopp built with --debug), with and without valgrind

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Changed at 2008-01-30T10:06:06Z by faried

make test TEST=allmydata.test.test_mutable

Changed at 2008-01-30T10:06:43Z by faried

make test TEST=allmydata.test.test_system

comment:1 Changed at 2008-01-30T10:09:56Z by faried

make test TEST=allmydata.test.test_encode runs without errors. So, probably not pycryptopp?

Changed at 2008-01-30T15:02:23Z by faried

make test

Changed at 2008-01-30T15:03:04Z by faried

valgrind -v /usr/bin/python /usr/bin/trial --rterrors allmydata.test.test_mutable

comment:2 Changed at 2008-01-31T12:15:23Z by faried

With today's pycryptopp, make test reveals just one error:

test_hexdigest (pycryptopp.test.test_sha256.SHA256) ... ERROR

====================================================================== ERROR: test_hexdigest (pycryptopp.test.test_sha256.SHA256) ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Traceback (most recent call last):

File "/t78/repos/pycryptopp/pycryptopp/test/test_sha256.py", line 40, in test_hexdigest

empty_hexdigest = sha256.SHA256().hexdigest()

AttributeError?: 'sha256.SHA256' object has no attribute 'hexdigest'

---------------------------------------------------------------------- Ran 27 tests in 1.386s

FAILED (errors=1)

If I build with "./setup.py build --debug", I get more errors; this may be due to Ubuntu or python bugs (I do have python-dbg installed). See attached file pycryptopptests for details.

Changed at 2008-01-31T12:16:20Z by faried

builds/tests of pycryptopp

comment:3 Changed at 2008-01-31T12:23:09Z by faried

Two of the tests that fail with --debug are in test_aes. See val-test-aes-debug for the output of the test and the output of valgrind run. Also attached: val-test-aes for the same for pycryptopp built without --debug.

Changed at 2008-01-31T12:24:13Z by faried

python pycryptopp/test/test_aes.py, with and without valgrind

Changed at 2008-01-31T12:24:59Z by faried

python pycryptopp/test/test_aes.py (pycryptopp built with --debug), with and without valgrind

comment:4 Changed at 2008-01-31T13:28:00Z by zooko

The thing about "no attribute: hexdigest" is actually not an error -- it is a "TODO" test. That is, it is a unit test which elicits a failure from the underlying pycryptopp code, but we know that it will fail because I haven't added a ".hexdigest()" method to the SHA256 class yet. Make sense?

It is unfortunate that people who are not already familiar with the twisted trial "TODO" / "SKIP" feature (and occasionally even people who are) perceive TODO or SKIP tests as revealing a bug. This issue has been irritating me recently in allmydata, too.

comment:5 Changed at 2008-01-31T13:31:15Z by zooko

Heh. See these lines in your valgrind output?

==24079== Use of uninitialised value of size 8
==24079==    at 0x448B70: PyObject_Free (obmalloc.c:920)
==24079==    by 0x4CCB1A: code_dealloc (codeobject.c:260)
==24079==    by 0x4A0942: load_source_module (import.c:960)
==24079==    by 0x4A0FA0: import_submodule (import.c:2400)

I'll bet if you look into the Python suppressions file that came with your Linux distro's package of valgrind, you'll see that it suppresses those when the value is of size 4. This means that it successfully silences these bogus warnings on 32-bit architectures. :-) If you edit the .supp file (or cp it and edit the new one) to say "8" instead of "4" then I think all those warnings will be silenced.

(And of course, you might submit a patch to your Linux distro.)

comment:6 Changed at 2008-01-31T14:13:45Z by zooko

Ah, that failing test that expects ".hexdigest()" wasn't actually set to TODO. So this is an example of the TODO formatting confusing someone who is familiar with it (me) rather than someone who isn't. ;-)

comment:7 Changed at 2008-01-31T19:17:30Z by warner

FWIW, TODO items are *supposed* to cause some amount of unease, to encourage developers "TO DO" them sooner or later. I suppose there's a balance to be struck.. I find I don't use the .todo flag unless I expect to fix the issue shortly, and when the test is complicated enough that I want to record the thinking and effort that went into constructing the test. In other cases, I tend to put off writing the test until I've added the new functionality.

comment:8 Changed at 2008-02-13T22:31:03Z by zooko

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fixed by pycryptopp-0.3.0. Thanks!

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