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tahoewapi: Verify against the CAJA verifier.

Reported by: nejucomo Owned by: nejucomo
Priority: major Milestone: undecided
Component: contrib Version: unknown
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MarkM contributed a patch to make tahoewapi.js pass the CAJA verifier, but Nathan has not gone through this process.

This ticket will be resolved by:

  1. Running the verifier on both tahoewapi.js and the demo (in "./trunk/poc").
  1. Fix issues reported by the verifier.
  1. Test the result.
  1. For each bug found in testing, after altering the code, jump to the initial step.
  1. After verified, tested, and fixed, make a release.

All future releases will follow this process.

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comment:1 Changed at 2011-05-12T19:06:03Z by nejucomo

bumping this issue so that I remember it.

This code now has a new home: https://bitbucket.org/nejucomo/tahoewapi.js

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