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display space-usage configs, space used, space available for your storage server

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Component: code-storage Version: 1.6.0
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It would be nice if the "Storage Server" sub-page of the Welcome Page would show an estimate of how much space the storage server is using. This estimate could be built by one of the share-crawlers, by adding up how much space is used in each prefix directory. A loose estimate could be maintained cheaply by summing the last-known-size for each prefixdir, and updating one prefixdir per time period (as all crawlers do). Since shares are placed pseudo-randomly, an even looser and cheaper estimate could be made by measuring a fraction of the prefixdirs and multiplying.

The bucketcrawler doesn't look inside the bucket directories, but the lease-crawler does. Let's add "space consumed" functionality to the lease-crawler, and display the results on the storage-server WUI page.

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comment:1 Changed at 2011-05-20T22:27:16Z by davidsarah

  • Keywords statistics transparency space-efficiency added

comment:2 Changed at 2011-10-11T03:05:01Z by davidsarah

See also #671 (bring back sizelimit (i.e. max consumed, not min free)).

comment:3 Changed at 2012-12-14T20:25:31Z by zooko

  • Summary changed from share-crawler should estimate+display space-used to display space-usage configs, space used, space available for your storage server

See also #1836, which is to get this information from leasedb instead of share crawler. Changing the title of this ticket to make it independent of where the information comes from.

comment:4 Changed at 2012-12-14T20:27:40Z by zooko

See also #648 which is for the client to display to its user the space-usage/space-available information about storage servers that it knows about.

comment:5 Changed at 2012-12-14T20:28:43Z by zooko

See also #666 which is for the server to display to its user the space used up by its clients. (Among several other features that are part of #666.)

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