22:23 Security edited by zooko
try breaking it down (diff)
22:20 Security edited by zooko
more Security Considerations (diff)
22:08 Ticket #180 (make test-clean gives false alarms) closed by warner
21:07 Ticket #181 (restart is a bit too sensitive to slow shutdown (or shutdown is a bit ...) created by zooko
On cygwin on Parallels, tahoe restart is susceptible to failure …
20:52 Dev edited by zooko
add link to CREDITS on Dev (diff)
18:53 Security created by zooko
place holder
18:32 Ticket #180 (make test-clean gives false alarms) created by zooko
This seems like a trivial problem to fix, but I can't figure out which …
18:25 Ticket #178 (cygwin buildslave is screwed up ?) closed by zooko
invalid: Well, it seemed to recover. The …
18:23 Dev edited by zooko
rename a section -- nejucomo, I would be open to other naming suggestions (diff)
18:13 Ticket #179 (rewrite our Makefile in Python instead of GNUmake) created by zooko
I just committed bf3f629a683fd4cb (and the preceding …
18:08 Ticket #177 ('make test' won't run trial on Mac OS-X) closed by zooko
fixed: fixed by bf3f629a683fd4cb (the OS-X buildslave is …
13:45 Ticket #178 (cygwin buildslave is screwed up ?) created by zooko
The buildbot is red for cygwin. I don't understand why. First …
07:00 Milestone 0.6.1 completed
focus: * usability: packaging, documentation * usability: CLI * …


05:49 Extensions edited by nejucomo
Add a note about race condition avoidance by relying on URIs. (diff)
05:40 Extensions edited by nejucomo
05:40 Extensions edited by nejucomo
Formatting change (still learning this wiki format). (diff)
05:39 Extensions edited by nejucomo
Reorganize PUT/DELETE support lists. (diff)
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Make webapi.txt a link into the source view of the head version. (diff)
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Add a link to the "Extensions" page. (diff)
05:17 Extensions created by nejucomo
An extension development page.
05:13 Dev edited by nejucomo
Reorganize into a deeper hierarchy, and punt some "Most Important" … (diff)
01:02 Ticket #165 (restart should start if the node isn't running) closed by zooko
fixed: I'm going to close this to indicate that we consider it resolved as …


23:26 Ticket #177 ('make test' won't run trial on Mac OS-X) created by warner
I built tahoe on my new Mac with the following steps: * install the …
23:07 Ticket #175 (unit tests fail if port 8123 is already in use) closed by warner
fixed: fixed, in 7cb41f4eaa2aa91c.
22:46 Ticket #176 (missing freeform-default.css -- nevow install error?) created by zooko
When I click on an html file on win32 (namely my slide-1.html), then I …
20:15 Ticket #159 (extra newline in .furl file breaks furls, and the resulting ...) closed by zooko
invalid: I'm closing this as unreproducible.
20:15 Ticket #148 (README failure (confusion)) closed by zooko
fixed: Well, I guess the only way we're going to get the new README tested is …
20:14 Ticket #10 (clean up after yourself when told to "make clean") closed by zooko
fixed: Yep! It is all good. Now, for the record, we no longer have …
06:45 Ticket #175 (unit tests fail if port 8123 is already in use) created by zooko
[…] and, from test_runner/RunNode/test_client/c1/logs/twistd.log: …
06:38 Ticket #153 (iputil returns closed by zooko
fixed: Fixed by af0edec753033339.
06:13 Ticket #158 (command-line: -u not recognized) closed by zooko
invalid: I can't reproduce this.


03:49 Ticket #162 (command-line: add allmydata-tahoe mv) closed by warner
fixed: done, in 8985b6565dc567e2.
00:32 Ticket #171 (new timestamps) closed by warner
fixed: ok, I figured out how to add milliseconds and the "Z" suffix, and make …


22:41 Ticket #120 (command-line: make it work with the private vdrive) closed by warner
fixed: I watched Peter use this successfully, and he seems happy. Time to …
22:41 Ticket #154 (usage string program name != executable name?) closed by warner
fixed: fixed, in 1c7f52265f0e7a38. The name 'allmydata' is still …
21:57 Ticket #157 (include public test grid furls in .debs?) closed by warner
fixed: done, in c35ed6ff11c009ef. They're now in testnet/*.furl , …
10:39 Ticket #155 (rename executable "allmydata-tahoe" to "tahoe"?) closed by warner
fixed: done
10:30 Ticket #156 (how to find tahoe process with ps) closed by warner
fixed: done. I'll create a new ticket (#174) for the $0 stuff.
10:29 Ticket #174 (make argv $0 be 'tahoe', not 'twistd') created by warner
To make it easier to identify a running tahoe node with standard tools …
10:21 Ticket #110 (command-line: default "--node-url http://localhost:`cat webport`") closed by warner
fixed: done, effectively. The new CLI tools use --node-directory which points …
10:00 Ticket #155 (rename executable "allmydata-tahoe" to "tahoe"?) reopened by warner
oops, didn't mean to close this one yet
09:37 Ticket #155 (rename executable "allmydata-tahoe" to "tahoe"?) closed by warner
fixed: yeah, I like shorter. Having the branding in there is kind of nice, …
08:46 Ticket #160 (upgrade public test grid to v0.6.0) closed by warner
fixed: The test grid got updated to a post-0.6.0 release on september 26th, …
08:44 TestGrid edited by warner
08:43 TestGrid edited by warner
test grid is now running an 0.6.0-compatible release (diff)
03:36 Ticket #173 (How does tahoe filesystem layer (lafs) handle lots of file-upload tasks?) created by zooko
Rob, Peter, Justin and I just fixed up the commercial, proprietary …
03:16 Ticket #172 (put sparklines on front page) created by zooko
I want to make miniature (but live, automatically and frequently …


17:24 Ticket #171 (new timestamps) created by zooko
As per …
16:48 Ticket #170 (package Tahoe-LAFS for Fedora) created by zooko
In theory, you can run "./setup.py bdist_rpm" and an …
03:49 Ticket #169 (tcp hole-punching!) created by zooko
Did you know that it is actually possible to do tcp hole-punching (for …


20:10 Ticket #168 (configurable on/off storage server) created by zooko
It would be nice if you could run a Tahoe client without running a …
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